Best NFT Blockchain Games To Make Money 2022

Do you want to learn more about the 5 best Play-to-Earn (P2E) crypto games? Let's take a closer look!

With blockchain games, you can collect and play NFTs in a virtual world. The best NFT games have strong secondary markets for rare cards and items, plus frequent releases to keep the gameplay exciting.

Whether you’re new to blockchain gaming, or looking for a new world to explore, this guide is for you. We review the 5 best cryptocurrency games of 2022 and explain what makes them stand out.

Here is a quick overview of the 5 best NFT games you can try today:

  • Silks Overall the best P2E game in the Metaverse
  • Splinterlands – Explore, fight, and trade cards in a unique metaverse
  • Alien Worlds – A space-themed metaverse with tons of possibilities
  • Cryptopop – The best crypto earning game for Candy Crush fans
  • Gods Unchained – The best NFT trading card game

1. Silks – Overall the best P2E game in the Metaverse


Silks is a new NFT project that combines the best of real-world thoroughbred horse racing with a unique metaverse. With Silks, each player can have a digital horse (which itself is an NFT) associated with a real-world racehorse.

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Silks uses information about racing records, training history, bloodlines, breeds, and more, to create unique digital horses that ideally reflect racehorses that travel on real tracks around the world.

Additionally, your performance in the game correlates with the performance of your digital horse counterpart. When your horse wins a race, you will be awarded Silk’s in-game STT cryptocurrency.

The more STT you earn, the more you can farm. Of course, as an NFT, digital horses are also tradable and there is an opportunity to benefit from the secondary market of silk horses.

You can pit your horse against the competition for digital horses on a wide variety of race tracks. STT can also be used to buy land and stables or even to bet on digital horse racing in the Silk ecosystem.

2. Splinterlands – Explore, fight, and trade cards in a unique metaverse


Splinterlands is a fun and fast-paced game that feels like a mix of Pokemon and Magic. Unlike other card games where players engage in battle, combat in Splinterlands only lasts a few minutes. So, you can log in and play as much as you want.

What’s interesting about Splinterlands is that the game world is constantly expanding. The developer team has released 500 playing cards and more than 64 abilities. New NFT projects built on top of Splinterlands expand the range of cards you can play and the combinations available.

Splinterlands also makes it easy for amateur players to earn rewards. You can earn new cards and in-game tokens by going on quests, challenging other players in ranked matches, or joining tournaments. Cards can be traded on the secondary market, converted into digital currency, or even rented out to other players.

3. Alien Worlds – Space-themed metaverse with tons of features


Alien Worlds is one of the best P2E games for players who want to explore a new metaverse. In this game, the whole world is spread out in front of you. It’s up to you to colonize planets, form a functioning government and economy, and explore distant planets.

What’s remarkable about Alien Worlds is that it can be both cooperative and competitive. You can join other players to explore and find new NFTs or even create your own NFT drops. Players can also join together to create mini-games or organize a planet’s political body.

On the other hand, you can also fight with other explorers to claim your territory or currency. For players who just want to explore, Alien Worlds offers NFT missions that send you on a far-flung quest across the galaxy. Mission NFTs can be exchanged for Trillium, the in-game cryptocurrency, making this one of the best gaming cryptocurrencies to earn money from.

4. Cryptopop – The best crypto earning game for Candy Crush fans


Cryptopop is basically Candy Crush for blockchain. Instead of grouping diamonds and gems, Cryptopop asks you to group cryptocurrency symbols together.

The more coins you blast, the more you can earn on Cryptopop. This P2E game gives you PopCoin, an ERC-20 token, as you climb the game leaderboard. 10 game points are worth 1 popcoin, so you can earn a lot of cryptocurrencies quickly.

The good thing about Cryptopop is that it is much simpler than other blockchain games. If you’re new to P2E games and want to earn some crypto while doing something relaxing, this game is sure to do just that.

5. Gods Unchained – The best NFT trading card game


Gods Unchained is a digital trading card game that lets you fight against other players. As you play, you earn new cards by winning battles. Every card in Gods Unchained is an NFT, so players own their cards and can trade them on the secondary market. Over time, you can build your full deck and trade rare cards for digital currency to cash in on your game.

Gods Unchained currently has 2 expansions – Trial of the Gods and Divine Order. In the game, you can start for free, or you can purchase a starter deck.


Blockchain games provide a way to explore the virtual world, compete with players and build a collection of valuable NFTs. As your skill improves, you can earn crypto rewards and even sell NFTs on secondary markets.

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