How Secure is Your Current Cyber Security?

Millions of people and businesses across the world subscribe to cyber security service; no matter what their individual requirement.

With a rising number for the use of cyber security services, some may argue that we are also growing vulnerable to the impending and ever evolving cyber threats.

We are not talking a decade or five years down the line, tactics used by cyber criminals are getting unpredictable and dangerous by the day. Hackers have amassed the knowledge of the various ways to attack their targeted choice of cyber network, hack into their systems, take control and steal all the valuable data that the system stores. This is the reason for the breakdown of thousands of aspiring corporations who only once experience a cyber-security system breach. They become deprived of their important assets which were the foundation of their prosperity.

There is no specific pattern in which hackers choose a target, which means even a small business or company can be a victim of cyber-attacks. Hence it is important to update your cyber security systems to prevent any breaches from being made. Some companies have been preparing themselves but just how good is their cyber security strategy? Here are some of the top things to consider when assessing the strength of your cyber security network.

Are your Employees Trained to Handle Threats?

Your employees are the doorway to your companies’ vital assets. Breaches usually occur through emails opened by unsuspecting employees or using company assets in public Wi-Fi hot spots.

If their knowledge and practice against cyber threats isn’t up to the mark, you will be putting your corporation at a major risk of being victimized. Which is why training them to prevent and defend against any cyber threats should take first priority. Start by hiring a professional expert on cyber security and have them drill their knowledge into the mindsets of your employees. Make sure to hire them at least twice a year- this way not only will the new employees receive training but even the old employees can get reviewed about the cyber security training.

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Furthermore, performing ‘Live Fire’ exercises can be very beneficial. These exercises are like tests where the company’s IT department sends out mock threats. The scores give an idea of whether the training is making them efficient in their tasks even through such critical events. Conducting these exercises every now and then can enhance the rate of security against cyber threats.

How Up to Date is Your Company?

Cybercriminals are advancing faster than most businesses’ pace of forging new defenses against hackers’ assaults every time. You must make sure that the members of your corporation are kept up to date with the information of the latest cyber threats which have emerged. You can exchange important information regarding cyber security services from acquainted companies. You can even conduct meetings that can brainstorm on ideas on how to further strengthen your cyber security and defend itself from any future cyber threats

How Secure is the Technology You Employ?

Aside from training your employees, it is crucial to look critically at all your technological devices. Especially networks or devices which have important data stored in them because they run the risk of being hacked into the most. Are your company’s computers not protected by an anti-virus software? Do your employees properly shut down and keep them in a secure place? Do your computers all have different passwords?

It is important to remember that hackers can break into any cyber security system from even the smallest of openings that they can find. For that reason, being vigilant and thoroughly strengthening the barricade of your cyber security should be an essential part of your everyday tasks.

Use a Firewall and have all of your computers get installed with the latest anti-virus software. They allow only authorized traffic to pass through and prevent any cyber-criminal activities from creeping into the system. The regular backing up of data is important-this way even if you accidently lose important information, you can always look into the backed-up files to get the essential data back.

When it comes to your employees’ tasks, make sure they know better than to avoid opening spam emails and phishing-anonymous emails and links are one of the ways cyber systems are hacked. After having the days’ work done, have your employees shut off their computers properly and keep the computers locked up in a safe and secure place. Another important barricade that must be updated every once in a while, are the passwords. Having the same and predictable password might seem easier to use but it also makes it easier for hackers to crack into the cyber code and steal your data right under your nose. Save yourself the trouble and have different passwords set up that should be updated once in two or three months.

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