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Rainbow Six Extraction was finally released about 3 years after its introduction at E3. The question is, does this version deserve to bear the name of Tom Clancy?

In 2019, I was waiting for the Rainbow Six Quarantine because of my interest in Zombie Shooters and the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak event. However, even after years and the long silence of the production team, it became clear that there is a problem in the process of making this title.

Finally, Ubisoft announced that the game is on its way and we are now seeing its release. They changed the name of the game to Rainbow Six Extraction and the overall direction of the title. Note that this game has nothing to do with Tom Clancy’s novels, but is an original story from Ubisoft in the Rainbow Six universe.

R6 extraction Story

This version is a sequel to the Outbreak event and shows that the Chimera Parasite has grown, creating Archaeans and invading various American cities and regions, including San Francisco and New York. The Rainbow team has now set up a new branch called React. They are meant to specifically combat this great threat, as well as move the team’s command and research center on a giant ship called the Pioneer.

We see the return of many Rainbow Six Siege characters and operators. Some of them include Ash, Mira, and Thermite. Each plays their own role in the behind-the-scenes story. Also, they are receiving a large number of new voice lines.

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It is not just that there are no new operators in the game, and only a handful of previous operators returned, but they have little innovation as well. They still include their former features and capabilities. Except for a few new sentences and commands, they do not even benefit from the new sound, and most of the time they express their sentences and commands as Rainbow Six Siege.


In terms of design, it can be said that except for changing the color of the operators’ uniforms, almost no other changes have been made. Secondly, the game has many of the weapons from the previous versions. To players who have played Siege before, the new game has less appeal and variety.

R6 extraction. Chapters

Extraction now offers four different chapters: New York, San Francisco, Alaska, and Truth or Conclusion. Each of them has three different maps. By entering each of these chapters you will be able to play all of the maps and experience the game as a Solo or Co-Op.

The animations, weapons, and gameplay, in general, follow the same Rainbow Six Siege format. However, new and exciting mechanized mechanics have been added to make the gameplay cycle more engaging and also focus more on performance.

Steps, Loadouts, Objectives


First, you need to select your operator and create your own loadout. As I said above, operators have the same capabilities as before. So, if you played Siege before, you will be familiar with them. The construction of weaponry and load-outs are the same too and there has been no innovation in it. The creators haven’t even bothered to add new attachments to this game. In this part, this title is exactly the same as its previous version.

When you select the operator you want and enter the steps, the game will give you three different Objectives. Each of them will earn you a certain amount of XP- Then, it allows you to perform all three objectives with the same amount of XP you earned – the so-called Extract.

Every objective individually requires its own strategy, such as stealth, and the degree of difficulty acts as a complement to this. As the level of difficulty increases, your team needs a more logical strategy and more concentration.

I should also mention that you can have a more enjoyable experience while doing Objectives by using the right gadgets and operators. This section has a good variety and also gives more fun to the gameplay cycle and stages of this title.

Progression System and Operators


I talked a little bit about the Progression system above and now I will go into it a little deeper. You need XP to reach higher milestones in order to advance and unlock chapters, operators, and gadgets. You can upgrade your favorite operator’s level by playing the game and gaining XP. When you level up, you will also get better perks or abilities.

You can also see the rewards for each via the Progression menu. These rewards include skins, charms, and tokens that you can use to unlock new gadgets in the Tech menu. As I mentioned above, these gadgets can help you a lot in performing various operations. They also add to the diversity of the game

Let’s talk a little bit about operators and their mechanisms. You can access your operators through the Operators menu. In this section, you can create loads, change the cover, view the health status and role of the operators. Personalization in this section is not interesting and does not have much appeal and variety in the field of Cosmetics.

You can open different weapons for your operators by raising their level. In the Loadout section of this game, there have been almost no innovations or changes. Therefore, the available features are similar to the Siege version.

MIA Mechanism

Extraction R6

One of the mechanisms that Ubisoft strongly emphasized in advertising the game was the possibility of operators becoming MIA during the process. I must say that this is a very interesting element of the game. Your operator will disappear if the MIA or so-called health bar has expired during the operation. In this case, the operator enters the Stasis mode and a paste called Stasis Foam wraps around him, preventing the Archaeans from accessing him.

After that, your operation will end and you will receive your XP according to the Objectives you have completed. In this case, your operator will enter MIA mode and will no longer be selectable. The way to bring him back is to return to the same map where you lost him. Returning to that map, one of your three Objectives becomes a rescue operation for that operator.

This mechanism not only adds a bit of reality to the gameplay but is also one of the most attractive and best elements of this title. Your operator suffers a lot of injuries during the operation and his health condition is weak.

Enemies, maps, and their design

Rainbow Six Extraction

If you played the Outbreak event, you will definitely remember the very good design of the environment and its enemies. Outbreak could effectively give the player the feel of an apocalyptic scenario, and the design of the enemies was a perfect complement to that.

But these properties unfortunately do not apply to Extraction. Despite their acceptable variety in performance, their appearance is by no means awesome. Also, there are no different colors or coatings making them generally gray. So, the enemies become boring and monotonous after a few hours of playing.

The poor and boring design of the enemies also damages the environment and the overall appearance of the maps. There are currently about 12 playable maps in the title, each with a variety of environments and sections, and are overall well-designed. However, the gray color of the enemies, not only doesn’t help to instill a sense of fear, but also It also makes the maps feel lifeless.

Gameplay, gunplay, and graphics

Rainbow Six Extraction Zombie

As I mentioned earlier in this review, the gameplay and gunplay have not changed much and this isn’t acceptable. The gameplay of this title is still the same as the gameplay of its previous version, Rainbow Six Siege, which was released about seven years ago, and only some new items such as Takedowns have been added.

Finally, if you are one of the people who have enjoyed the title Rainbow Six Siege and you are also interested in this category of PVE titles, this title will probably be a very good option for you and you can spend happy hours with your friends or even alone in it. But, if you aren’t a fan of Siege and its gameplay, even if you enjoy Zombie Shooter games, then this title won’t give you an enjoyable experience, so I suggest that you consider other options.

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