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How to Use Social Media Marketing to Improve Your Business

Social Media Strategy that will work in 2019 to improve your business

A new business year is always a good time to gear up your business with the new targets and find the ways to improve your business strategies to get more business and grow with confidence. This is a general rule for almost all the businesses across the globe but the business strategies and tools are something that makes difference to the growth and even development. Finding the ways to use these tools more effectively and efficiently is one of the daunting tasks for the business strategy makers.

Digital marketing is one of the most effective tools in today’s business marketing strategy and it has a number of channels to convey a message to the audiences effectively. Social media always remained an evolving channel in digital marketing and it is important to see if businesses can effectively use their social media to improve their business. When it comes to online marketing, people behaviours subjected to dynamic changes and these changes then convert into the trends with the passage of time and intensity of change.

To improve your business by using social media, it is important to know the trends to build a strong social media strategy for 2019 to improve your business. It is hard to sum it up all the social media trends, and simply speaking, I wouldn’t. It is a massive subject and takes ages to conduct research on the trends and then screen those which actually go with your business.

One of the marketing directors at our online solutions tried to sum up all this subject in only one line and he perfectly has done this. He said, “While the market is subjected to a lot of changes in 2018, and indeed this would happen in 2019 as well, but it really still revolving around your understanding of your audiences which crafts an evolutionary difference. It is important to craft an imperative difference with targeted and apt communication technique to engage them.”

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Although this is a bold and well-described statement there is still a lot to unpack in this statement. We will now try to unpack this statement. Here are a 10 points social media strategy that will matter a lot to the marketers and will definitely help improve your business in 2019. This 10 points strategy has been crafted in accordance with the views and ideas of top social media experts across the globe.

  1. Know Your Audience and show love to them

Understanding the market and your targeted audiences are the most basic and concrete level of social media strategy. If you do understand your audiences and have clear targets but you don’t show any love and care to them, why would you expect any loyalty from your audiences then?

It is a game of give and take, if you would care about them, they would show some loyalty. In 2019, the top focus of the marketers should be on the responsiveness, being responsive to the people who follow you would return a lot. As social media is all about engagement and relationship.

Going on social media with true desire to build a relationship would be the key to success in 2019 and beyond.

  1. Share Authentic Stories and Moments That Matter

A social media expert believes that the year 2019 will be the year of authenticity and building relationships which means less static sharing and more raw and behind the scene stories. More work on the marketing techniques, sharing brand stories, authentic reports with raw data rather than processed data e.g. sharing Custom made materials, and most important the stories that matter to people, not your business or brand, e.g. sharing celebrities news and most trending events.

How and where you would find and create content that matters to your audiences, “amplify the signal” on social with the help of search. One minute videos posted on Facebook, same news on G+ and full-length same video on your YouTube channels would revolve around the traffic. This way an increase of more than 400 to 500 percent is expected according to a social media expert.

  1. Influencers & Micro-Influencers

In 2019, the dominant marketing trend would be Facebook marketing and it would act as an influencer in social media marketing. One of the digital marketing experts believes that they would see massive growth in tier two influencers in the Nano influencing areas e.g. where businesses have around 1000 to 5000 followers.

The brands and the businesses would seek proven influencer platforms and especially use proven influencer trending stories to drive more traffic rather than sharing Custom made stories.

There are a number of tools that would help the businesses to find the key micro influencers and develop a relationship with them. Engaging the influencers would remain the key to success. Core skills for the social marketers must be there e.g. when engaging the influencers knowing the grounds on which they would value you. While on social media, it is important to measure return on time spent and eliminate all non-influencer activities.

  1. Video, Video, Video!

Video? A trend coming back again? Yes indeed it is coming back and for the marketers, it is not the new thing, life or uploaded both are common. But in 2019, they must have a video strategy to use them for business growth. What key factors should be considered in the video strategy?

  • Live Video: the highly produced content would not work in videos, but the content regarding the influencers, trends, and more human-based videos will work and help engage more people.
  • Vertical video: the vertical video consumption on Facebook and similar things on Instagram while full length videos on YouTube would work in 2019.
  • Interactive video: only posting produced content and native videos would not quite be enough now, the thing would work would be the short videos without any ads which can off tune the viewers.
  • More smartphone-friendly videos: the videos used on the smartphone frame and or produced with the smartphones will work more effectively than the produced content. The smartphone quality content is something that can make your brand even more reachable and trustworthy in the market.

Your strategy for video marketing must include these points;

  • Well set targets and goals for every video posted
  • Storyboard to analyses the content with your team.
  • Be strict to the time and create a 30-60 second video for your News Feeds.
  • For Stories, create 15-second micro-segment videos of your longer ones to utilize, here.
  • Remarket  your content where it is possible and worth doing
  • First 10 seconds of a video is crucial so put your best foot forward in the first 10 seconds, viewers will begin to leave after 7 seconds.
  1. Earn, Rebuild, or Keep the Trust of Your Followers

Brands need to work harder to retain the audiences with online trust waning with fake news, stories and communications need to be eliminated. Try to develop the emotional connections with the factors carrying brand messages in 2019.

  • Paid promotions would be more rewarding, so, up your budget
  •  Stop asking your followers foolish things all the times
  •  Stop selling your products, start communicating with them
  1. Create Content for Your Mobile Fans

In 2019, mobile users would be at the boom and it is necessary to give priority to your mobile fans and it’s critical to crafting a social experience for them to entice your presence on the social media.

Everything that you would post on social media profiles needs to provide somewhere to stay a mobile user on your page.

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