5 Gadgets That May Change Mobile Gaming Drastically

Gaming is not associated with children playing their Play Station games on a sofa while parents are away. Today, mobile games are a multi-billion-dollar industry, with millions of gamers of all ages playing exciting, realistic games online, at home, or on the go.

But with the modern pace of life, sitting all day long on your sofa playing your favorite game is next to impossible. Thus, gamers are getting ever more dynamic and flexible, sneaking free time for a round or two on their commute to studies or work, during coffee breaks, etc. Accordingly, they need new devices to advance the gaming experience and make mobile gameplay more convenient.

Here, we review the five key innovations in mobile gaming that producers have invented to bridge mobile and console gameplay gaps. These appliances and add-ons serve to improve the gaming experience on the go, thus letting you enjoy high-dimension games without sacrificing the quality of audio and video effects, speed, and smartphone battery.

#1 Mobile Controllers

Playing modern games on a smartphone may be exciting and challenging at the same time. On the one hand, you have advanced GPU and RAM characteristics of contemporary smartphones. On the other hand, the experience of pressing the joystick buttons is unrivaled and incomparable to clicking on the touchscreen.

Thus, mobile controllers have emerged as a standalone product category for gamers. Such controllers attach to your smartphone and turn it into a real console, with action buttons, pads, and joysticks. Here are some of the leaders in this category.

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Gamevice iPhone Mobile Controller

This device is widely known among iPhone owners as it’s a handy and affordable add-on turning your iPhone into a handheld console. You can easily use joysticks and action buttons to play your favorite games wherever you want. Besides, the Gamevice app contains more than 870 games, so you’ll always have a pick or two to try out.

Samsung Gamepad

Another example of a portable handheld controller, this super-functional product from Samsung can be paired with any device, be it a monitor, a tablet, or a smartphone. The gamepad is highly usable, launching a game with one click. The only bummer is that the add-on works only with Samsung devices.

Kanex GoPlay Sidekick iOS Controller

If you don’t want to attach a controller to your iPhone, you can use a standalone controller joystick with a handy stand for your smartphone. In this way, you can play your favorite game and answer phone calls at the same time. The handset works up to 20 hours without a recharge, so you’re sure to have your gaming set ready all day long.

#2 Specialized Smartphones

Why enhance your smartphone repeatedly, spending money on numerous add-ons, and stocking these appliances into your pockets or backpack if you can get an all-in-one solution?

Smartphone producers have captured the growing trend of mobile gaming long ago.

Many experts from various cell phone repair franchise shops can attest to these changes, as most of the smartphone makers revolutionized the way smartphones can adapt to the mobile gaming of the present day.

Thus, dedicated gamers have a realm of options to choose from, having a powerful gaming station and smartphone combined in one device.

Here are the most popular and robust devices to consider.

ASUS ROG Phone 2

This gadget reasonably takes the top place in the product line of gaming smartphones.

The smartphone has super-comfortable shoulder buttons that simplify in-game navigation and comes with a large 120Hz screen. Besides, it has a mighty 2.96Ghz processor and the Adreno 630 GPU, which ensure flawless HDR graphic display and seamless operation. The phone’s design makes it easy to plug numerous gaming peripherals, such as headsets or controllers, to maximize gameplay’s pleasure and thrill.

Razer Phone 2

Though giving way to ASUS ROG in terms of processor capacity, this gaming smartphone from Razer also has much to boast about. Its 120Hz screen displays high-definition graphics, while rear cameras enable 120FPS footage. Coming at a lower price than ASUS but possessing most of its features and perks, it’s a real gem for gamers.

Red Magic

Another smartphone designed specifically for gamers, Red Magic, is equipped with 8Gb of RAM and a 6′ touchscreen. The large 128GB storage lets you download and run as many games as you want, while the Adreno 540 GPU provides flawless graphics and visual gaming experiences.

#3 VR Headsets

Virtual reality is the gaming industry’s new reality, so many mobile games come with VR/AR components. You can derive maximum joy from immersive VR gameplay with a pair of VR headsets.

Here are the ones to choose from.

VR Smartphone Goggles

This super-affordable product from Merge works well with any mobile device and enables an immersive gaming session for only $29.99. You can use the buttons on the headset to interact with the VR environment of the game.

MagiMask HD AR Headset

This is a more expensive variant for enjoying VR, but it is equipped with a greater set of handy functions. Users can activate the VR game from their smartphones and use trackers to manipulate the virtual objects they see.

#4 Stereo Headsets

The quality of sound is as important as video quality during a gaming session. So, to move your stereo sound experiences one level higher, accessory producers have designed a great variety of headsets delivering top-quality sound.

The choice is yours, depending on the free space you have to carry the headphones and the budget for this add-on you can afford. Here are the most popular variants.

Ear Force M5

This stereo headset offers impressive noise isolation and delivers high-quality stereo audio effects. With the in-built microphone, you can chat with game partners. The device connects to both Apple and Android devices.

Kingston HyperX earbuds

This is a much more affordable and much more ergonomic variant of a gamer’s audio accessory. These headphones are wired, but the comfortable silicone tips ensure excellent fixation. Noise suppression also contributes to a high-quality, immersive gaming experience.

#5 Power Banks

Gaming on your smartphone can become a true battery killer for your gadget, which is highly undesirable for most gamers. If your battery dies too early, you won’t be able to make calls or check your email – a problem much more serious than not having your gaming console at hand.

So, to keep the smartphone energized, make sure you take care of an efficient battery pack. Here are some variants to consider.

Zumo Portable Battery

This powerful lithium-ion battery offers impressive capacity and can support your smartphone’s full functioning for four extra hours. The Zumo battery pack can keep its batteries charged for up to one year, so even non-systemic players will always have a charged battery at hand. The pack is also equipped with various cables and plugs, so wherever you see a socket or USB port, the Zumo pack will have the charger fitting it.

Powerstation Plus XL by Morphie

This small but mighty power station can provide your smartphone with 45(!) hours of extra battery life, which is invaluable for a regular player. Take it with you and forget about sitting near a socket to play the virtual match of a lifetime.

Anker Powercore

This sleek, minimalistic power bank can save both you and your game partners, with three USB ports and 26,800 mAh capacity.

Escape reality. The game is about to begin. And your next big win is just around the corner! With or without these smart gadgets – you got this.

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