5 Essential Tips to keep your iPhone and iPad Secured

If you are an iPhone user you must be very much possessive about your phone and would be ready to do anything for its security.

You will always be afraid of some risks like the risk of getting your mail account hacked, the risk of getting your own id stolen, risk of losing any kind of valuable information that could lead to any financial losses and other related problems.

When it comes to the security of mobile devices, IT developers and iPad App Development Companies have to be very strict and very careful with the security of mobile phones. It is very important to keep our phones secured; not necessarily iPhone but for any phone, you have to be concerned about its security. Here we are discussing the iPhone and iPad where iOS7 offer its users various options for keeping their phones free from any type of risks.

1: Make the Auto-Lock option enable

One of the basic functions that you can use for keeping your iPhone secured is the Auto-Lock feature. This feature will lock the screen of your phone when it is not in use after a preset time period. It depends on users how to set the functions of their phone after not being used for one, two or five minutes. You can also disable Auto-Lock at the same time. Auto-Lock always remains on by default but you can change the settings of your phone accordingly.

2: Set the Passcode Lock to enable

The auto-lock function of an iPhone disable the device screen after what time you have set for the phone to get locked but this Passcode feature is a little more. Whenever the display of your phone locks, no matter how either by Auto lock or because you have used the iPhone Sleep button; passcode lock will ask for the four digits password before you start the device again. You can make it as tough as possible so nobody could ever judge.

3: Be careful while using Wi-Fi

One of the best features that the iPhone offers is a Wi-Fi connection. You can make settings and it will allow you to get connected to the Wi-Fi wherever possible. But using Wi-Fi networks without taking proper security measures can leave your device and all your links and contacts open to iPhone hackers. Always use Wi-Fi which is secured and you are sure that it is secured.

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4: Always browse your mails using Safari

Just like you surf the web using your desktop, laptops; navigating the Internet via iPhone is also filled with security issues. Proactively when you optimize the browser settings of your iPhone it could potentially show you the difference between a fully functioning device and the infected gadget which is rendered uselessly by any malware. iPhone Safari browser settings are very basic and most of the time they are turned on by default but your iPhone Safari settings always remain in order.

5: Set restrictions for your device usage

iPhone has become one of the best phones for corporate users within the last few days but Parents having their little iPhone users at home can set their phones to restrictions. They can block the content, videos and images that they think are not good for their little ones and can give them a safe play.

Hence, these 5 essential tips will help you in keeping your phone safe and secured with the growing world of clever people sitting all around. But still, if you find any kind of difficulty in dealing up with your iPhone or iPad you can always rely on iOS App Development Services. They will always provide you with the best iPhone and iPad services.

Author Bio.:- Priya is a Technical content writer at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company that provide the best ios app development and Android app development Services.

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