Why You Need Modern-Day Attendance Management Software in Geekonomics

A business progresses due to its adaptability nature towards the environment in which it is thriving.

 As the wildlife survives in a jungle through constant evolution the company has to make itself fit for their survival of the best. Every day around the world many startups are being released, but out of all these business startups, only a few survive to became successfully performing organization. There has been a tremendous amount of surveys around the globe which suggested the reasons for their failure. If a Venn diagram is drawn for all the reason defined by these surveys, all surveys wound intersect on the employee as the coinciding reason. Employee management is therefore recognized as the key concern for all the companies to be actively contributing to developing their business to satisfy the clients with their products and services. This is the reason due to which the HR industries are growing at a very exponential rate. Right from the small scale organization to gigantic MNCs, employees are being hired, monitored and successfully retained with the help of HR Automation.

From all these challenging functions the maintenance of the employee resources are the most challenging tasks where the responsibility of an HR department is utilized the most. HRs has to confirm that the employees are satisfied within their serving period spent in an organization and are treated with the best environment to leverage all their potential towards organizational development. If a human resource department wants to bring the best in their hired resources than they should create a keen sense of punctuality and also justifying the actual investment which the company has made on them in the form of providing timely remuneration and the best in a class working environment with all the possible perks. But wait for a second, does the HR has only this work to do as their duties towards bridging the gap between the companies and employees. The answer is absolutely NO!!, the human resource management department is burdened with tons of other tasks which makes them get dedicated assistance with integrated HR Automation Solution. attendance management system which is featured product of this bundled package is the key towards making your employee punctual in justifying the work for which they are remunerated. With the advancement in HR technology, this system is upgraded with the incorporation of “Geeknomics” fundamentals that is focused on the work completed through means of ways that make the employees productive.

With the concepts of growth hacking the companies are expanding their wings and establishing their working location across the world for expanding their business empire. Tracing the employee remotely with the HR system have got more advanced and now there exists better solution which will be helping the company to efficiently track the employee actual productive hours. These development have to lead the business society to experience following new trends which are helping in increasing the work quality by providing many technological benefits to employees as well as the employer.

Work From Home:

With the fast working lifestyle of modern workers, the organizations around the world are cutting down the possible ways which make the time and effort consumption more such as the employee’s traveling. In the metro cities, people spend more time traveling to the office location which could have been utilized in productive working. If the office visit is not necessary the company allows the employee to work from home and save the traveling time for better utilization of the same. The employee’s work is tracked through a web-based application portal which helps the company in knowing the precise amount of time which is utilized in doing the work. HR Solution endeavors the employee with dedicated ESS ( Employee Self Service ) Portals through which they can mark their time-sheet and attendance. A web-based application is also hot-linked for the manager to track and assist the employees who are working from their residential premises. These systems are also proven to be useful when the company is outsourcing the work to a consultancy, agency or a freelancer.

Managing Field Employees:

Majorly the business world has two types of enterprises, one which mostly consists of tech-savvy employees who are developing a digital solution and then there is another type of industry which house majorly on-field workers which are providing services like client visits and other work which requires physical traveling to the destined places. This is the situation where the attendance management software features the geolocation tracking services for the company to schedule, monitor and provide real-time instruction to make all the visits and on-field task efficiently completed. The trend of mobile devices made this possible as every human being on this earth is equipped with a communication device which is enabled with Geo Positioning Services. Mobile device features HR application, which continuously provides the company with the employees’ coordinates that makes them visible on the screen real-time whenever the management needs it. This system also helps in scheduling the visits & optimized route to accomplish it which can also have the instructions by the company for a real-time change.

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Remote Working and Easy Tracking:

Many a time you might have come across the term client-side-working, this is the situation where the company sends their employees to work at their client-side. To ensure the employees have visited the client location on time, the premises is virtually fenced with a geographical boundary to restrict the employees from punching their attendance from the predefined boundary only. This makes sure that the employees are visiting the client location on time and providing the services on a punctual basis. The company can fence any geographical boundary around the world including their other working location, clients location, working office for their agencies, partners or consultancy. The functionality that we just discussed is widely known are geo-fencing in the HR term. These all geeky technologies were designed to effectively deal with the time and work theft which was done by the unethical employees to cheat their company and make money through unjustified means. Implementation of a dedicated software solution is not a luxury that you give to your HR but indeed is a requirement that works as a first building block of a productive organization. If you want to make sure that your company must enjoy a high rate of return than the implementation of new technological advancement is a big MUST to opt for. Around a couple of years ago, we have seen a great scope in the development of monitoring technology which has been covered so far, but as we progress we seek for more opportunities of developing it for creation of a better world.

2019 is the year which made the world one more step closer towards the adoption of technological advancement that is happening around us, a deep belief in the digitization of things to work in an authenticated way has brought us so far which has no turning back. Resonance of determination to build a robust system for relying on to was the vision behind the automation of the human resource department and we can state that it is successfully achieved by seeing the system processing the attendance of the employees without a single required human interruption. This is the future we have dreamt of, and now we should heartily welcome this to make the business prosper along with the mankind associated with it.

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