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Steps to Plan a Successful Website Redesign

Nobody could have seen how technology would have evolved so drastically in the 21st century.

What we once used to do practically has been replaced by mobile apps. Whether it be making bank-related payments, checking your temperature, blood pressure, etc., all can be down from the comfort of your home and from your fingertips. This is all possible due to the availability of the internet. In the year 2018, 55.1% of the global populace had access to the internet. So, not only does internet allow you to utilise apps, play games online, etc., but also gives you a window to advertise your business.

There is no longer any growth for a business which operates fully offline. You don’t need your business to operate completely online, but having a website and online promotional material always helps. The biggest merit of apps, social media, and in a nutshell, the internet, to businesses is online advertising opportunity. This is why having a website is so crucial for businesses to expand.

Why make a website? It serves as a direct and online link to your products and services. But website development doesn’t simply mean adding a design, uploading photos of your products, and writing lengthy product descriptions. The design of your website is considered one of the most vital aspects of website development. But sometimes you might need to go through a website redesign process.

Common Reasons for Website Redesign

  • A superior interface and higher sales: Website redesign is a viable option if there is a lack of visitors to your site because of not updating the design of the website which ultimately leads to a poor user interface and a decrease in sales.
  • Change in business functionality: Another reason for website redesign is that your business model has been altered, i.e., you used to have an offline restaurant with an information-only website, but now you offer deliveries online so you require functionality for ecommerce.
  • Bad experience: Many potential customers are turned off by a badly designed website, so a web design agency Dubai would help in this regard.

Steps to Plan a Successful Website Redesign

  • Set objectives: Before trying to achieve a successful website redesign, you should plan ahead. By setting objectives, you will be able to achieve what you wish to with your website redesign. For example, if you wish for your site to be more user-friendly, then your foremost goal should be to build a better interface.
  • Which users are you targeting?: You should be asking yourself whether you are targeting old customers or trying to bring in new customers to your website. Therefore, you will be able to align business goals with user intent.
  • Pay attention to content: There are two goals of content in terms of website copy—that the design and content should be aligned, and that the content should be commercial. The most difficult aspect of designing a website in relation to content is having matching copy at your disposal. If not, then you should try matching your content with the website design you have in mind.
  • Should your website be mobile-centric or desktop-orientated? Smartphone access to the internet is drastically overtaking desktop-based usage of the internet. The desktop-first approach gains you the advantage of biggest screen size and full functionality, then you move on to mobile-based designing from there. However, if smartphone user sales are higher than desktop ones then you should start with the mobile-first approach.
  • Make a good first impression: People who know little to none about your website will land on your homepage first. So be sure to make an attractive homepage that is not only visually captivating but is also memorable to potential customers.
  • Critical user journey: A user journey path is where users of your website make a journey to the transactional page of your website, and this is where you will make money—this is known as the critical user journey. So don’t forget to focus on this integral part of the designing process.

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