Why buying GTA 5 money on PS4 is the best option

GTA 5 money is the main currency and the main source of income in Grand Theft Auto game series.

The wisest way out if you don’t want to spend your time for different money farming actions and quickly gain luxurious items is to buy GTA 5 money PS4. One of the main advantages of Grand Theft Auto 5 is that any player can find in-game entertainment and activities to their taste. Business, stocks, guns, heists, shooting, and much more. Nevertheless, if you enjoy the whole process of making money, a few hints will be helpful to you.

Stock exchange earning secrets

Stock exchange trading in GTA is actually a mind-blowing activity that demands not only the continuous involvement of the gamer but also specific skills in economics and statistics. However, contrary to information from various sources, you do not have the opportunity to individually affect the stock prices of particular companies. It seems perfectly logical that if you purchase AirEmu’s stocks, drive to the airport and begin destroying FlyUS airplane that is a direct opponent of the company, using a missile launcher, you can get a nice profit. But it does nothing. All price fluctuations are completely scripted and are not dependent on the user’s deeds in the real world.

Nonetheless, you can also grow rich on the securities market but to achieve success you have to research fluctuations of the price of the shares of various enterprises. The fundamental principle for profitable trading on stock exchanges is pretty straightforward: buy cheaper and sell higher. But in addition to this principle, it is necessary to consider the specialities of market operation in a certain environment. Not all companies will come back to their earlier peak value (and their diagrams are completely not a guide), so the risk in such tricky investments is major making them more similar to the roulette game.

There is an interesting task in GTA 5, having a powerful but short-lived effect on stock quotes, allowing you to earn lots of money. This is one of the casual missions named Hitch Lift One. Its primary goal is to deliver a particular business analyst who is late for his flight to Liberty City to the airport. If everything goes right, he will share classified info about assets that are going to rise in gratitude.

You should look for an advantageous traveller in the central area of the coastal resort Chumash, on the west coast of the state. The object will be shown by a blue dot on the map as he hopelessly drives his way at the exit from the Great Ocean Highway to Ineseno Road. From this point, it must be brought to Los Santos International Airport in 2.5 min.

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Prior to start accomplishing the task, use the money of each of the heroes on the BAWSAQ exchange to get stocks of the mobile communications company Tinkle (TNK) and finish the mission. Wait for some time and sell the shares when the income on them is more than 30 percent (around 50%on consoles).

If you followed all tips precisely, at this moment the account of each of the characters accrued 1.9 billion which is a pretty nice amount for a good living. On Xbox 360/One and PS3/PS4, the sale of all shares of the broadcasting corporation right away will give significantly more than two billion. Yet, the game uses a 32-bit type of data and the maximal amount of account money is slightly over 2 billion.

Therefore, if you want to save all the profit from your Tinkle trade, you can follow the next steps:

  • As long as their shares are at their peak, promptly remove them in pieces for 250-500 million.
  • Immediately invest the released funds in other enterprises on the market.

The use of the LCN exchange for this purpose is highly advisable as its quotes always work.

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