Hold TRX To Receive Free BTT Tokens In Tron × BitTorrent Airdrop Program

BitTorrent is a torrent platform firm, focused on providing a more libertarian internet trough encrypted file sharing platforms uTorrent, and namesake BitTorrent

From December 2019, and throughout 2020, holders of the Tron (TRX) digital asset can score themselves some free BitTorrent (BTT) tokens. The BTT tokens are made available through an airdrop running till 2025. About 10% of the total supply of BTT tokens will have been airdropped by the end of the program, with almost a billion BTT having been airdropped at initiation.

At a block height of 6.6 million blocks on the Tron network, BitTorrent began it’s airdrop program, with 10 billion BTT tokens being added to the coin portfolios of active TRX wallets. Tron wallet addresses holding a value equal to, or above a single TRX token are automatically credited with BTT tokens corresponding to the number of TRX tokens it holds.

In 2020, The BitTorrent Foundation plans to drop about 13.8 billion BTT tokens into the portfolios of Justin Sun’s Tron network’s TRX token holders. The blockchain organization even aims to increase that supply by 0.1% per year, for the duration of the airdrop program. 

Eligible Address

As stated above, a Tron network registered address with an amount equal to, or more than 1 TRX coin will be eligible for the airdrop. No action on the side of the TRX address owner is required, accept for the requirement of owning the private keys to said wallet, of course.

Custodial services like digital asset wallet firms and exchanges are included in the airdrop program, but the number of participating firms is kept to a select few. Users of custodial TRX wallets are advised to contact their service provider for more details on whether or not they participate in the airdrop. 

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Atomic Wallet and Binance are two blockchain firms which participate in the TRX × BTT airdrop program. Freewallet, and exchanges, Huobi, Bittrex, Poloniex, AltCoinTrader, and a few others support the airdrop as well. It would behoove a user to confirm support from their chosen provider before depositing TRX into the wallet in the hope of receiving their share of the airdrop.

Users who receive BTT tokens through the official airdrop will, in turn, gain early access to the BitTorrent network’s technology. BTT holders can already transact the digital asset for goods and services available on the foundation’s partner platforms. What the airdrop does not constitute – the foundation stresses – is a dividend payout, or any other form of investment related return.

Beware of Scams

BitTorrent, the firm behind file sharing platform, uTorrent, also mentions the fact that there have been a number of scams cropping up all over social media, of accounts claiming to be affiliated with BitTorrent or the airdrop program. The organization warns users to be wary of such solicitations, as BitTorrent will only communicate with it’s community through official channels, not through third parties.

About BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a torrent platform firm, focused on providing a more libertarian internet trough encrypted file sharing platforms uTorrent, and namesake BitTorrent. The organization was acquired by content sharing purposed blockchain platform, Tron, in 2018. The BitTorrent token, or BTT, was release in mid-2019 to much fanfare and media buzz. The acquisition of BitTorrent by Tron was taken by the industry, as a whole, to be a bid to improve Tron’s file sharing and security protocols.

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