What Will Minecraft 1.20 Be?

The 1.20 Update will dramatically change the game forever

Minecraft has consistently been at the top of the gaming scene. It’s always had a large player base. There is one reason why Minecraft can hold on to so many different players; the diversity of things you can do in one game. For example, some players may only like Minecraft PVP- they can join PVP servers and only play that, players that want to build can join servers to do that. Others may like to play survival with their friends, they can do that as well. Minecraft gives players lots of freedom; there isn’t one way to play the game, which means that there are so many different things people can do to enjoy Minecraft. The upcoming 1.20 update is one of the most anticipated ever. This is mainly due to the snapshot releases that come out every Wednesday. Here is everything we know about Minecraft 1.20 so far.

Combat Update

Minecraft has been very secretive with the releases of the 1.20 snapshots. They chose to release lots of very unrelated things in 1.20. In the snapshots, they added a new mob to the desert village, as well as a new type of wood that has nothing to do with the desert. So the latest update cannot be specifically about one part of the game such as the desert or the jungle. Therefore, many players are guessing the update will be something completely different such as combat. Minecraft has been slowly making combat changes to the shield, axe, and crossbow. Since they are doing it so subtly, it has convinced players that the next major update will be for combat.

Desert and Mesa Update

Another likely possibility is that 1.20 will be a Desert and Mesa biome update. This is because these two biomes are the only ones that haven’t had an update yet, and it would make sense to do it together as they are both very similar biomes. Seeing the camel being added only further convinced players that this will be a Desert and Mesa biome update.

End Update

The End dimension has been barren and neglected ever since the 1.9 updates. Due to 1.16 being the nether update and everything past that being overworld, we are led to believe that the End update is nearing, so why couldn’t it be the 1.20 update?

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Dimension update

minecraft 1.20 new dimension

A new dimension update could be the 1.20 update as well. The reason for this lies in the newly added ancient cities. In the middle of these cities, there is a large portal-shaped structure made of reinforced deepslate. Players are convinced this will eventually be a portal due to the sheer size of the thing and a previous game file leak that called it a portal. Mojang has even come out to say that they will eventually add a new dimension. However, they wish to fill the existing dimensions with lots of structures and items before doing so. This is why we believe although a dimension update is very likely, it probably will not be so soon as 1.20.

Closing thoughts about 1.20

The hype around the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update is never seen before for Minecraft. Everyone seems to be discussing the possibilities of the different themes. This is all due to Mojang’s secrecy while releasing all their snapshots. They are purposefully confusing everyone to surprise them when they eventually release it. We expect 1.20 to be released sometime in early 2023 and we’re sure it will be one of the biggest updates Minecraft has recently had.

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