How has Minecraft Stood at the Top for Over a Decade

Seemingly a videogame for kids, Minecraft managed to pull a much larger audience over the years.

Minecraft is hands-down the most popular game. Ever. This is an undisputed fact – having sold over 238 copies worldwide. This figure leaves the number 2, GTA V, in the dust with its 150 million copies. So what makes Minecraft so popular?

Endless possibilities

Minecraft is the most creative game on the market. It allows players to build what they want and play how they want. This opens up so many doors for any individual. With no real rules (especially in creative mode), the player is free to do as they wish in their own time. For example, you can build a grand castle on a flat seed; or an intricate Redstone door on the side of a mountain or not. The point is that there is no manual to play the game “properly”; the freedom it offers makes it the most popular game.

There are also many minigame servers such as Hypixe, 2B2T, and Purple Prison. The most popular minigames are Bedwars, Hunger games, Skyward, Spleef, and Parkour. All of these are played with or against other players, connecting many people with similar interests and sparking friendships every day.


Due to how free the player is, many Youtubers and streamers alike have built careers playing Minecraft. The first video on it releasing in 2009, the game has stayed on top for 13 years without getting boring. Although updates play a big part, the already allotted freedom is the main reason for this. Many of the most famous content creators make or have made Minecraft content. Some of the most notable ones are Pewdiepie (111 Million subscribers), Dream (28 million), DanTDM (26 Million), Vanossgaming (25 Million), and Ssundee (20 Million). Recently surpassing 1 Trillion views on youtube, Minecraft is also the most-watched video game on Youtube.

It’s very popular on Twitch as well, with Minecraft streamers such as TommyInnit (7 million followers, Dreamwastaken (6 million), Tubbo (5 million), GeorgeNotFound (5 million), and WillburSoot (4 million). These streamers are much newer than the biggest Minecraft YouTubers, showing that even after 13 years, Minecraft can spawn careers. 

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Device compatibility

Minecraft is almost compatible with any smart device. It can be played on anything from a Nintendo switch to an Xbox to an android phone. Most games cannot offer this, putting Minecraft above them. This means that you can play anywhere you like.

Game updates

Mojang constantly updates Minecraft, creating hype and giving new items and mechanics to players. The biggest recent update introduced its 1.18, Caves and Cliffs part 2. They made major changes to the mountains and caves that have been around for as long as Minecraft. It also introduced a completely new ore distribution system: changing the game drastically. Mojang turned the old redundant caves into beautiful masterpieces as seen below


The developers constantly bring something new to the game to not bore players, and it works every time. Another big reason Minecraft is so popular is that Mojang interacts a lot with players. This is crucial because this is what allows them to patch any bugs and to ensure that they’re giving the players what they want.

In conclusion

It is a fact that Minecraft is the king of games. Many have come and gone out of the spotlight, but Minecraft has always been in it. This is due to Mojang’s talent and their willingness to provide players with the best they can offer. They promise to never stop updating as long as they have a player-base. We believe Minecraft’s immense popularity is the product of the community that was built (and still is growing) around it.

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