Valorant VS CSGO

Which is best? CSGO, or Riot's new breakout online multiplayer first-person shooter, VALORANT? Bizznerd did a quick comparison of the two. Ultimately, the fans have the power to choose.

At a point, labeled the CSGO (Counter-Strike GO) killer, Riot Games’ VALORANT has taken a lot of active players since release. Having attracted a great many players from other online FPS shooters, the recently released title seems to be growing in popularity.

CSGO, which has seen a number of iterations through the years, is the favorite online shooter title of a number of avid gaming fans. This is evidenced by the fact that the game enjoys a strong esports following and it is one of the top esports titles in the world. Valorant has been touted as the game that has the potential to unseat CSGO as the top first-person shooter.

With Valorant increasingly gaining user’s momentum, talk of it eventually usurping CSGO as the go-to FPS exports title. We threw together a comparison of the two games to see which comes out ahead in this fan-created feud.

Updates of CSGO and Valorant

Seeing as gameplay between the titles is quite similar we looked at things that gamers would find essential to sustained game enjoyment. Regular updates are rather key to the effect.

Valorant has been quite consistent with updates since its release in June. The game’s developer releases small updates to clear bugs and other issues on a fortnightly basis, whereas CSGO updates are a bit more sporadic. This is to be expected, however, as Valorant is a far younger game than CSGO is, and naturally requires more patching up.

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Content  between CSGO and Valorant

CSGO seems to win this category as it fosters a more open content environment, enabling players to create and sell their own weapon skins, maps, and other content. Valorant, on the other hand, keeps content creation and sale exclusively in the hands of the company, which many patrons may find restrictive. That having been said (or written, rather,) for some players it’s about the action.


CSGO has been at it for over 20 years, so they’re a lot more well-heeled in this arena. The game hosts ESEA, and FPL tournaments, so players, whether in teams or in solo play, are never without something to do.

Valorant, being fairly new, doesn’t have as big an esports game plan set up yet. They have introduced something novel though, filling the export gap with a host of small cup tournaments – to keep things lively.

By The Numbers?

As of June, of this year, Valorant was clocking in at about 14 million players per year, a lot stronger than the 3 million players it logged when it had just been released. Still, this is a far cry from CSGO’s 27 million monthly active player average. So by recent numbers, CSGO is still the more popular of the two titles.

That is not to say it will stay that way, as Valorant has gained a large following in a short amount of time. The tables could still turn in Valorant’s favor, as a new age of gaming continues to take root in gaming culture.

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