New 1.4.4 – Labor of Love Terraria Update

The new Terraria update brings in even more reasons to play the melee class

The latest Terraria update – Labor of Love introduces a lot of balancing updates. It achieves well in bringing in new players and bringing back the old. The veteran players (who are tired of the same repetitive content and weapons) will come back to witness the tremendous change made to the melee class. Although the melee class is the main effector, there are other notable implementations. So, here is everything new with Terraria 1.4.4.

The focus of Terraria 1.4.4

The main aim of the 1.4.4 update is to bring more balance and introduce small changes to increase the quality of life. Some examples of such changes are: the Angler now has a chance to reward players with furniture items, buffs gained from the Crystal Ball, and Sharpening Stones now last till death.

Although Re-Logic wanted to keep 1.4.4 short and sweet (because they are also working on a new Terraria game), they have added a few items and content to the game.

Item changes introduced 1.4.4

The Dark lance now does 34 damage as opposed to the 24 it did before. It also has around 20% more reach and now inflicts the Shadowflame debuff.

The only changes to the Frostbrand were to its projectiles: they now shoot more often and induce the Frostburn debuff.

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The Flairon’s bubbles last 33% more time and have a 30% more detection range.
Scourge of the Corruptor now has a higher number of Minieaters, and they move faster.

The Star Wrath now conjures more than one Falling Star at a time, drastically increasing the damage done on average.

Content updates in Terraria 1.4.4

One Plantera bulb spawns immediately right after defeating the three mechanical bosses.

Bast statues can now generate in the underground Desert Cabins.

You can right-click the Eternia Crystal stand to skip the waiting time between each wave.

The prices of most items purchased using defender medals are reduced by around 35%.

The Ammo Box and Bewitching table buffs now last until death.

Sentries last for two minutes instead of ten.

Pirates now have double the chance of dropping very rare loot. The Flying Dutchman also has a significantly higher chance of dropping items, in addition to always dropping one gold furniture item.

Both paintings and statues will glow while using Spelunker Potions.

Sneak Peek Item

Re-Logic released a gif where a player picks up an item named “Resplendent Dessert”, which unites both baby slime pets and allows the player to spawn both at once. This is all of the important information Re-Logic have released about 1.4.4. However, we know that this will only be a small update that will allow them to put Terraria aside so they can work on releasing their second game.

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