Valorant beginner’s guide and tips

Valorant is a free video game created and released by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows. A game similar to Counter-Strike , but with characters and skills similar to Overwatch or other hero-shooter games that make it a unique game you may never have seen before.

The general idea of ​​Valorant is as follows: Two groups of five players face each other on one of the game maps and the first team to win thirteen rounds wins the game. Like other first-person shooter games, the two teams are attacking and defending. Also, after 12 rounds (half of the 24 rounds of the game), the two teams switch sides.

To win, the attacking team must plant a bomb called Spike in one of the designated areas or kill all members of the opposing team. The defending team must also stop the bombers from planting the bomb or kill them all.

As you can see, the overall mechanism of the game is similar to Counter-Strike. However, the part that makes the gameplay special is at the beginning of the game. Before starting the game, players must choose one of the game characters. Each of the game characters has its own special abilities and two players of the same team cannot choose the same character.


Before starting the game, be sure to check your settings


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The crosshair is an important part of the game and will affect your goal setting. There are no great settings for this option and what matters is your comfort. Try different modes to find the right crosshair for you.

Mouse Sensitivity:

Like other FPS games, you control an important part of your game with the mouse. Make sure that your mouse is as sensitive as you want it to be and that it does not interfere negatively with your gameplay.

Play With a Headset

The sound of players’ feet is one of the most useful pieces of information you can get by simply listening. You can use it to find out the enemy’s approximate position and place, and surprise him while you walk slowly.

Players can also use their abilities to create sounds that can help them find their approximate location.


Teamwork is one of the most important parts of Valorant

Let me tell you this, no matter how good a player you are, you can not win a game unless you have a good relationship with your team. Valorant is not made for a single-player experience. Even according to the developer, the game offers several queues as a reward for multiplayer groups.

You do not need a good microphone for teamwork. Your teammates will be able to quickly receive the required information using the ping system. Also, using short phrases like “Spike A” or “Two B” can be very helpful.

Remember that even after you die, you can help your teammates by opening maps and marking things you know.


Map Knowledge

There are currently seven maps in Valorant. It might put it a little behind its competitors, but the number of maps is helpful for beginners who want to get familiar with the game space as quickly as possible.

Each map has several lines of attack and locations for the bombing. Some maps, such as Bind, have different methods of navigation (for example Teleporter). Most maps have good moderation; They were designed by former Counter-Strike professional players. But some of them, like Ascent, are more designed to benefit the attacking team. Of course, the development may make changes to the maps, so it is better to be aware of new game updates.


Out of all the Valorant maps, Bind has gained the most fans, and most of the competitive games are played on it.

If you do not have the opportunity to defuse the bomb, escape it

This trick is quite obvious, but we need to emphasize that to protect your equipment, stay away from the exploding bomb. Whether you are a member of the team that planted the bomb or a member of the detonation team, you will have to deal with 5 people alone and you will not have enough time to defuse the bomb, so move quickly away from the site of the explosion. Getting killed during a bomb blast causes you to lose all your weapons and skills and then have to spend money to buy them again. As a result, knowing when to leave the bomb area is a very important ability.

Do Not Run, Walk

So far in this article, I have emphasized the importance of footsteps in the game. Rest assured that you do not want your enemy to know where you are since then they can simply eliminate you. Except for the first moments of the game, try to make the least noise to get a better chance of surviving and of course killing your enemies.

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Keep your crosshair the right height

When moving and checking the different corners of the map in Valorant, be sure to place your crosshair in the center of the screen at a suitable height above the ground. In this way, if the enemy turns green on your way, your mark is close to his head, and do not waste much time aiming. The first person to shoot is usually the one who wins the fight.

Do not move while shooting

Do not be afraid to stand when shooting at your enemies. Unlike games like Fortnite or Call of Duty, where you die while standing still for a few moments, Valorant has a system close to CSGO that lowers the accuracy of your weapon and aim while moving. Whenever you want to shoot someone or see an enemy in front of you, do not be afraid and shoot him by standing up. This will at least increase the chances of your bullets hitting the opponent.

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Be an Economist!

In this part of the tutorial, you will learn how to play economics so that you do not run out of money. At the beginning of each round, the game purchase system is displayed; So economic management is an important issue in this game. As it turns out, the more kills, the more defusing or planting bombs, the more money you make. But sometimes things may not go well and your team may lose consecutive drives. In such cases, Eco Round or Economic policy is usually used. That way you start a new round without buying any weapons and save your money to start a powerful round. This trick will help you in the future.

Try Different Weapons

Valorant, like Counter-Strike, has a good variety of different weapons. Do not be afraid and try them all. Eventually, you will find a weapon that best suits your style of play. So, try all the weapons for a few rounds to find the best weapon for you.


Character abilities

Characters are the part that takes Valorant away from CSGO and closer to Overwatch. The game’s characters are known as Agents, and each has its own past and supernatural abilities that match their character. Phoenix’s character abilities, for example, are all about fire and he can respawn after death.

Each character has four abilities. One is Signature Ability, which you get for every round for free. The other two, if used, must be purchased for the next rounds, and the Ultimate ability that charges during the game.

In general, try to test all the characters early in the game and at least learn to work with each one’s abilities. Then try to become a professional in the character you interact with the most and emphasize your role in your team.

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