Seven Tips for Online Stores to Improve Their Consumer Journey

The online stores are the new normal, and most of the business and sales potential lies in online marketing and ecommerce. There are many ways to make sure that you are on top of your online store management game, but there is always room to improve.

That is why we have decided to make sure that you know all the styles and tricks for online store management that work for others. You will be able to see the various ways you can enhance your online store and perhaps will pick a few ideas for tryouts!

So here you go!

Customer Feedback:

In the modern age of endless spamming and comment forms that are abused beyond belief, customer feedback feels like a hassle. The trick is to make sure that you take all of the customer feedback into consideration. How do you achieve that?


Do not just have those ‘leave your comments’ forms. Instead, have a proper ten questions or less, complete form that asks the customer about the product, their experience, and their approval of the product.

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Always make sure that you place as many rating based questions as possible so that the data can be put into the excel sheets and turned into graphs automatically. Now the long rants in the comments section are not the barometer for the product quality. Instead, they are afterthoughts that you can go through in your own time if you feel it is necessary.

User Experience:

Always place a well-designed rate card for the user experience of the website itself. Make sure that your website is easy to navigate and that finding the product is not impossibly hard. Always put the e-commerce sales, store links, and other relevant page links on the landing page, preferable to the home page. That way, getting through to the product will be secure, and users will be excited to find the products they want.

Delivery Charges:

Delivery charges or any other charges, hidden fees are the killers of sales. If the consumer sees a price tag on your product and finds a final amount on the checkout page with an extra $50 that they cannot explain, they will leave for sure. That is why it is essential to make sure that you are clarifying all the charges. Place clear delivery charges and any other additions on the final cart to make sure that your client does not leave due to unexplained charges.

Place Click and Collect:

People do not like shopping in the market anymore and ‘click and collect culture’ is growing in polarity. So place the sign of click and collect and manage on your store’s identity well. The user can browse the website and do the shopping, and collect their items from the retail branch when they are ready to pick up their items.

Even if you are an online shop only and do not have a physical retail branch, have a place where the items can be picked up by customers. The simple option that is also more convenient for the seller is successful in increasing sales in recent years.


Wish list options are pretty standard, but still, perhaps you do not have one. For example, a Birds of Paradise linen clothing brand, is a basket that the customer can make with all the products that they want to buy even though they do not have the money.

The wish list is an item saving system that allows the user to come back and buy the product at a later time. It is useful because many individuals have products in their minds that they want to buy, but they do not have the money. When they come back, they may find it hard to find the product again. The wishlist is the right way to increase your sales of old products and keep previously popular products in the loop.

Simple Checkouts:

The checkouts that require filling of sixty forms are discouraging to the buyer. But you also need customer information. How do you tackle that problem? Make the buyer sign into the website at the time of their entry through the automated portal.

Now you have all the buyer information, and you can use the information to develop a buyer persona as well as, and you are not going to ask too many questions at the checkout counter. You will also be able to monitor consumer behavior over a long period with the sign-up.

Use your Thank, You Page!

The idea is, as the title suggests, once the customer has bought the product, do not just direct them to a plain sheet with thank you. The person has just spent a considerable amount of money on your product, and they need reassurance that it did not go to waste.

Have an elaborate package tracking system where a tracking number is allotted to their package and also place a customer care service number, email address, and portal for them to save.

Make sure that you place an automated email system that confirms that they have successfully placed the order and a tracking system that they are fully updated so that they do not have any concerns about the shipment.

If a customer gives one negative review about your trustability as a brand, then that is extremely harmful to your brand. You will find that one study will kill your credibility as a good brand that is worth being trusted.

The main aim is to ensure that your brand has an international standard of conducting business. Many companies have specialized local products and feel that developing an ecommerce setup with international standards is not useful. We will advise you to establish a global system because that will invite high-end local customers as well as foreign residents from your own culture to your website. A credible and high-quality ecommerce site will get more customers with less need for sales and promotional campaigns.

A secure and trustworthy brand identity will go a long way to give you the credibility that will establish you in the market. So get that 4.5/5 review card!

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