Review: Gunslinger Girl 

This has to be one of the most misleading titles in the history of Anime and Manga. When we initially encounter the two-word alliteration that is “Gunslinger Girl”, we immediately imagine a gun-toting girl trying to save the world in a cute manner.

That’s the most common association when it comes to anime and manga series that revolve around the lives of little girls. Gunslinger Girl is the exact negative of that. It is a title for those who are able to stomach a plot that raises serious moral questions and a bit of gore. This is not to be confused with Bubblegum Crisis.

What is Gunslinger Girl?

Produced by Madhouse Gunslinger Girl’s rather serious story is played out in Italy. It revolves around the lives of a group of little girls who were taken in by a government organization called the Social Welfare Agency. However, the “Social Welfare” aspect of things isn’t necessarily about the girls. This is a secret organization that uses high-tech medical engineering to rehabilitate vulnerable children with serious injuries which they deploy as assassins – a clandestine unit of cyborg child soldiers.


Their main mission is to take out the mob and separatist terrorists. Each child is attached to an adult to form teams that are referred to as “Fratellos”. As the story plays out episodically, each one tries to focus on the interactions between each girl and her handler. However, the show pays more attention to the leading character, Henrietta, and her handler Jose.

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The very nature of its plot and the stark differences between each individual Fratello add to the seriousness of this series. For example, Henrietta enjoys a friendlier relationship with her handler. It resembles that of a father and his daughter, or an older brother and younger sister. On the other hand, another one of the girls who goes by the name, Rico, receives a far worse treatment from her handler. He saw her as nothing more than a tool to help him achieve the objectives the agency gives him.

The Good

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this anime series is the attention to detail. It starts with the modern Italian setting (you can even spot a Ferrari in one scene) and flows through to the realism of the well-animated gunfights. Henrietta’s FN P-90 and Rico’s Dragunov sniper rifle definitely sound as real as the real-world versions.

This attention to detail can also be seen in layers of each individual character as they are revealed. Whenever they aren’t engaged in anti-terror operations, the girls generally behave their age.

The Bad

There is a lot of things this series does right. However, there are a few areas where the creators could have done a much better job. The most damning of these is the duration and frequency of the action scenes. Even though they are fluid and gripping, the number of action scenes is low. The lack of them makes the viewer want more. It sometimes feels as though the creators were trying a little too hard to stick to the realism of it.

Another issue is the focus on the girls’ lives, it seems to play a role in robbing viewers of action while never really reaching a meaningful conclusion. To add to this, there is a sense of vagueness to how the story plays out.

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