Black Clover Movie: Release Date and Updates

Black clover has been on the trending lists of many anime sites for over a year. It’s no shock that it is one of the most adored shounen. The show stopped airing after the 170th episode in October of 2017. Pierrot studios have confirmed that the Black Clover movie was in the works back on March 29, 2021. Fans eagerly wait for more information on the upcoming movie. So here is what we know about it

Release date of the Black Clover movie

We expect the movie to premiere in summer 2022. This is because the last episode aired nearly a year ago. The studio has come out and said that they stopped releasing Black Clover episodes because it caught up with the manga content; they didn’t want to release fillers. Now that the manga has progressed further, it seems like the perfect time to start airing again. Although no new information was given about the TV show: it would make sense for the show to restart airing after the movie.

Speculated plot/content (possible spoilers)

This movie adaptation of the Spade Kingdom Raid arc is much needed in the eyes of many fans. The show’s pacing was slowing down during the entire training arc. This movie will provide fans with a fast-paced adaptation of an entire arc and will lead into the series. This arc will explore the Devils even more as we discovered the secret behind Asta’s anti-magic powers in the TV show. Liebe- a new character- is already beloved. The devil’s tragic backstory tugged on many heartstrings; we can’t wait to learn more about him. We should expect to see Asta and Liebe’s friendship and bond grow deeper as they fight the Spade Kingdom Together.

However, this movie will also focus a lot more on Yuno as it was announced that he is the prince of the Spade Kingdom. We hope to learn more about Yuno’s past and his family. During this arc, the Clover kingdom will raid the Spade kingdom to rescue Yuri and William. Dante claimed they needed Yuri because he was the key to the underworld. This can mean that the Spade kingdom is trying to harness underworld powers such as devils. If they get their hands on these powers, no one will be able to stop them without help from other devils.

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Closing thoughts

This movie will definitely be a hit and provide fans with fast-paced action to make up for the year-long hiatus. The stakes will be higher than ever and the Clover kingdom will be tested under great pressure against the powerful devil power-wielding Dark triad.

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