Biggest Anime Releases Of 2020

As the isolation Protocols are eased and we try to get our lives back to what we've always considered to be normal, some of us might still have an anime binging itch that we won't hesitate to scratch in our spare time

As the spread of the Covid-19 bug forced the whole world into hiding, it was only natural that the anime binge watching bug would also spread like a wildfire as we sat locked at home with little in the form of creative stimulus.

Thankfully, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you consider just how enthralling a well crafted anime series or movie can be. Considering the vastness of the offerings available, these few weeks of lockdown were nowhere near enough to have combed through all the great stuff out there.

As the isolation Protocols are eased and we try to get our lives back to what we’ve always considered to be normal, some of us might still have an anime binging itch that we won’t hesitate to scratch in our spare time. If you’re one of those, then here is a list of some of the most entertaining anime projects of 2020.

Drifting Dragons

Mythical entities like giants, cave dwelling beasts too horrific to imagine, and dragons featured or played central roles in folklore and storytelling for millennia. Today’s modern world is no different. These characters from our ancestors’ imaginations remain with us to this day, capturing our imaginations as we thrust our minds into the created worlds we view from our screens.

The world in which Drifting Dragons is one such example. However, there’s one major difference here. In this world, in this world the dragons are hunted as a source of food. In what could be seen as a hybrid between Attack on Titan and Cowboy Bebop, the story follows a crew of a massive airship that’s used to hunt down the flying beasts day to day.

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Though the series does make use of CGI to give it’s own take on things, it does promise to maintain the detailed nature of the works we’ve seen coming out of Japan.


A delightful amalgamation of horror, magic and humour. The Dorohedoro story follows caiman, the lead character, on his quest for vengeance as he scowers through a post apocalyptic world of men and part man part animal characters who – just like him –  have fallen victim to sorcerers from another realm.

Dorohedoro has been hailed as one of the best series of its generation since the manga’s debut in the early 2000s.This animated adaptation promises to be the same.

Darwin’s Game

Produced by Nexus Studio, Darwin’s Game is an 11 episode series that was written entirely by Yuki Takahata, creator of the original manga product, making it a near exact adaptation of the original.

Darwin’s Game follows the nightmarish adventures of Kaname Sudō, who after accepting a strange invitation from a friend who had recently died, finds himself battling for survival in a supernatural world, engaging in a bloodsport known only as Darwin’s Game. With no way to get help from the outside world, he must rely on his own will to live.

SAC_ 2045

Yes, another Ghost In The Shell series is on offer for new and veteran sci-fi anime fans. Just as the original series broke ground, this latest adaptation looks to do the same with extensive use of CGI, which is not too common in the world of anime.

This may very well be the perfect thing to have done, considering how the storyline is played out to fight on the most dangerous edges of progress.

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