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What are 3Commas for? As the cryptocurrency market continues on its positive trajectory, the potential to see very handsome gains from simply buying and holding, also referred to as holding, will be attractive to many people. However, there are those investors who naturally have a bigger appetite for risk and trading might be a more appealing option for them.

For those who choose this route, the road to success is a learning curve that requires a lot of time and discipline from the aspiring trader. To make things more manageable for both aspiring and professional traders, automated trading solutions like 3Commas Bot are here to help.

3Commas Bot promises to solve many of the immutable limitations that come with being human, chief among them being the inability to trade 24/7 and that alone could be convincing enough to go the automated route.

3Commas Bot

3Commas Bot is a highly regarded autonomous trading bot service that has been active in the cryptocurrency market since 2017. Based in Toronto, Canada, accessibility, and ease of use are at the core of 3Commas’ services and currently boast a user base of more than 30 000 who collectively make up over $10 million in daily trading volume.

That said, 3Commas offers novice and professional traders a comprehensive set of tools to help them realize profits and avert potential losses at different prices. These include an intuitive dashboard, a variety of educational resources, and a cache of algorithms and strategies used by other traders.

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Key Features of the bot


This is one point where 3Commas shines. The service is web-based and can be managed via desktop or a mobile app. Through the intuitive interface, even novice traders should have a relatively easy time navigating and customizing their bots to suit their preferred trading styles.

Variety of Easy to Use Trading Bots

Bots are the main attraction when it comes to platforms like 3Commas, so it comes as a relief to know that the service offers a range of them with a user-friendly customization process.

The bots available for users mainly run dollar-cost averaging-based strategies as a default. Being relatively simple to use, they can be set up and be operational in only a few minutes. Furthermore, users can customize how aggressively or conservatively their chosen bot trades. One should note that the more advanced bots offer users more options when it comes to customization.

3Commas Educational Tools

This is another point where 3Commas tries hard to make the automated trading experience better for novice traders, even those with little to no cryptocurrency trades in their history.

3Commas’ integrated trading school offers a four-stage course that will take traders from the bare basics of digital assets to strategies and finally customizing your very own 3Commas bot. To add to this, 3Commas also offers paper trading to test the efficiency of users’ strategies.

3Commas further expands its potential as a go-to crypto trading platform by adding a social element where traders can comment on lessons and share ideas and strategies.

3Commas Mobile App

Access to the internet has exploded since the proliferation of the smartphone and in the wake of the mobile movement. Retail trading has also seen massive growth. In fact, most crypto traders probably do it via mobile.

3Commas also has a mobile app that gives users full access, regardless of which payment plan they have. Furthermore, the mobile app has all the features of the desktop client, making it convenient for checking up on your bots while on the move. However, one may experience a bit of lag when using the mobile app.

3Commas Subscription

Traders who are interested in automated trading with 3Commas have four subscription plans to choose from – these are the Free Plan, the Starter Plan, the Advanced Plan, and the Pro Plan.

The most basic plan costs the user nothing to use, while the Starter plan requires a monthly fee of $14.50. Going up one tier to the Advanced plan will cost the user $24.50 per month, while the Pro plan will go up to $49.50 per month.

The Conclusion

By being cloud-based, relatively easy to use, and offering a free junior plan, they make a very bold attempt at solving a number of the problems that cryptocurrency traders have had to face when trying to use an automated trading bot.

Simply put, 3Commas, with all its features, is a top contender to become almost anyone’s go-to digital assets trading service.

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