How To Buy Bitcoin With PayPal Instantly With Paxful, Localbitcoins, And Wirex

Constituting one of the largest problems associated with Bitcoin is the fact that the virtual currency is quite complex to acquire.

Although PayPal has been highly favourable of Bitcoin over the past few years, it is still a problem finding genuine and credible places to purchase Bitcoin using PayPal in 2019.

People are wondering why PayPal will not allow this, and the answer is quite simple; diverse chargeback issues have been developed by scammers who purchase Bitcoin with PayPal from a particular individual, and then they later claim they never received anything at all.

With this, the hackers get to keep both their cash and their Bitcoin while the individual in question loses out. However, this article will help users and enthusiasts alike to overcome such issues with the under listed methods.

Purchasing Bitcoin With PayPal Via LocalBitcoins


Differing from eToro, LocalBitcoins is actually a marketplace where traders and buyers link up directly with each other. Simply put, when users make use of LocalBitcoins, they are basically dealing with a real person.

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This simply implies that the credibility of the seller should be cautiously observed. Also, for the fees, sellers will normally charge a premium because they are taking a huge risk of buyers going to chargeback.

However, you rest assured of getting your Bitcoin crypto much faster. Meanwhile, the pros of LocalBitcoin includes the fact that there is a huge variety of sellers from all over the globe.

In order to make use of LocalBitcoins, there are some major steps involved, which include:

  • Entering your search parameters.

This entails you going to LocalBitcoins and inputting the number of bitcoins you want to purchase and which of the countries. However, there is no global search for LocalBitcoin.

It simply means you will not be able to see all the sellers that are more than willing to trade globally and also approve PayPal in a distinct search.

  • Select your seller

There is a list of available seers, and all you need to do is to browse each and every one of them, one at a time. A quick tip on what to check before putting your trust in a seller includes:

  1. Their feedback score
  2. Number of confirmed trades they have
  3. Number of people that trust the seller
  4. Number of people that blocked the seller
  5. How old the seller’s account is

Nevertheless, there is no actual measurement, in particular, to determine who a real seller is and common sense is needed at the end of the day after reviewing their details.

  • Round up the trade

You find your seller, and you will be taken off to the trade screen. From there you can view information about trade limits of users, payment window and location

The payment window is the time allocated to you to send the funds and mark the payment as complete.

Purchasing Bitcoin With PayPal Via Wirex

On a general note, Wirex is a company that deals with supplying digital and physical Bitcoin debit cards. Due to the fact that it is similar to all other debit cards, you can make use of your Wirex card with your PayPal account.

Meanwhile, since PayPal is a third party payment and not a partner of Wirex, they will not be able to make sure your transaction is successful. They will be unable to help you should there be a failed transaction.

In order to make use of Wirex, there are guides involved, and it includes:

  • You will have to go to Wirex and click on the request new card button and from there, select the card type you need. It is highly possible to purchase Bitcoin with PayPal with both digital and physical cards.
  • Link the debit card to your PayPal account in order to validate it

To do this linking, from your PayPal account, you will need to click on the wallet and from there click on add a card. Immediately the card is added, it is vital to verify it. Verifying the card entails having a minimum of $3 so that PayPal can charge you.

When PayPal charges you, you will get to see a four-digit code close to the transaction on your Wirex account. Basically, the four-digit code is your verification pin for the card on PayPal. Next stop is to deposit your funds on your PayPal account.

Also, in order to withdraw funds from your PayPal account to your account with Wirex, all that is needed is for you to click on the wallet and click on withdraw funds. Next is to select the withdraw funds to your card button.

Ensure that you have your Wirex card. However, this withdrawal can take up to about seven days to show up in your account with Wirex.

If you need more help with setting up Wirex account, please read our post “What is Wirex? – Wallet App & Crypto Debit Card Review“.

Purchasing Bitcoin With PayPal Via Paxful


Paxful is the lesser-known and smaller version of LocalBitcoins. It is a person to person marketplace that will enable you to purchase Bitcoin with practically anything ranging from Skype credits and down to Amazon gift cards.

Buying bitcoins with Paxful is actually easy, and it involves:

  • Creating a Paxful account
  • Selecting a payment method for purchasing and the needed amount
  • Select a seller. This can be done manually, or you can allow Paxful to decide the best seller for you.

Immediately your trade is initiated, you will be sent swiftly to an online chat with the selected seller in order for you to finalize the deal.

The Bitcoin of the seller will be transferred into escrow, and immediately you mark that you have sent your part of the payment, it will be released rapidly into your account. There is a particular time frame to finalize all deals else they will be swiftly cancelled.

Final Thoughts

If you desire to purchase Bitcoin with PayPal, then this article will be a guide to help you successfully get it done. Meanwhile, there is actually no straight-up way to purchase Bitcoin with PayPal because Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed.

However, there are specific indirect methods which are utilized by users all around the world to buy bitcoins with PayPal money.

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