Nummuspay Review

Payment processing and subscription management for online businesses can understandably feel like a dreaded nightmare for some business owners.

Luckily for us who live in the digital era, there is no need to stress ourselves into shock about it. There are simple solutions to this problem, and Nummuspay is one of them. Here’s a look at how Nummuspay could help you. 

What is Nummuspay?

Nummuspay – which is headquartered in Athens, Greece – is a payment/credit card processing and subscription management platform for online businesses that was founded in 2017. The platform was established with the objective of saving web based businesses time and more importantly, money.

For online business operations, Nummuspay is an all in one provider of multiple services that could help to streamline the flow of business operations. These include multiple payment gateways, subscription management, tax management, custom checkout pages, coupon codes, and the option of creating trial accounts.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at what Nummuspay has on offer, and how those offerings could possibly benefit your online enterprise.

Security and Reliability

When it come to conducting business online, the security of your business and that of your customers and/or clients can be a matter of make or break for your business. Nummuspay seems especially aware of this issue.

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Nummuspay offers your online business a fully compliant PCI service to help you secure your customer’s/client’s digital data against the ever present threats of a data breach.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Because it is always better to be safe than sorry, Nummuspay provides an extra layer of security through the tried and tested security feature that is Two-Factor Authentication (2-FA). Thus ensuring that only authentic user accounts have access to the services that your web business offers.

Hosting Providers You Can Trust

Nummuspay relies on the services of well established hosting providers that are trusted globally, like Microsoft Azzur, Amazon Web service and Google cloud.

To add to this, Nummuspay has a 99.9% up time guarantee for that added peace of mind.


Multiple Payment Gateways

With Nummuspay, one has the option to choose between 10+ payment gateways to best suit your requirements. These include PayPal, Applepay, Skrill, and Alipay, to name but a few.


Nummuspay is flexible and offers four pricing plans to choose from, to best suit the needs of your web business.

First in is the free trail. This is not really a price plan, but his was worth being mentioned. This gives you all the features of the Startup pricing plan. For free.


This is the most basic of the paid for plans. For $ 99 per month, plus 0.5% of revenue over $ 50 000 and $0.10 on every transaction, this plan offers manual invoice billing, multiple email templates, custom check out pages, and multiple payment gateways.


This is the second tier of paid for plans. At a rate of $ 249 per month, 0.5% on revenue after $ 75 000 and $ 0.10 of every transaction, the subscriber is entitled to unlimited payment gateways, unlimited web-hooks, unlimited API keys, sales force two way integration, and Xero account integration.

Enterprise Custom Plan

This is the pinnacle of what Nummuspay has to offer, here the subscriber has access to charge back management, advanced fraud management, customisation services, on-boarding services, and premium 24/7 support. The pricing is customised to suit your requirements.

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