How Do I Know If My IPhone Is Refurbished or New?

How do you know that the IPhone you are buying is actually new? Or, in case if you are buying a second hand IPhone, how to conclude whether it is refurbished or not?

What are Refurbished IPhones?

Well, the refurbished IPhones are the repacked phones made available for sale by Apple. The phones which are returned or replaced are further repaired by Apple technicians and are certified as fully functional. While refurbished phones are as good as new phones just a little cheaper, there is no doubt that many sellers purchase the refurbished IPhones in wholesale and try to sell it as a brand new phone. Since the difference is not easily identifiable, you might want to know some hacks to identify your phone as new or refurbished.

Unless you are making a conscious decision of buying a refurbished phone, it becomes very significant to know as how to differentiate thenew one from the refurbished phones.  Here is how you can check whether the IPhone is new or refurbished.

  • Check Box

If you have just purchased your IPhone and not opened it yet, just flip the box cover and look at the bottom of the box. There you will see the whole lot of information about your IPhone, including its unique IMEI Number. What you are supposed to look for is the model number of the phone which is written right next to the model name of the IPhone. 

  • IOS Check

Have already opened your IPhone? Wondering how to identify? Well, if you do not have the box of your IPhone it came in, still you can check whether it is a new or refurbished phone from iOS. Open Settings, then go to General > About and then look for the model number of the phone.

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  • Comparing the Model Number of a New and Refurbished IPhone

The model number of a new IPhone begins with letter M. On the contrary, the model number of a refurbished IPhone starts with the letter F. However, the model number might even start with the letter N which is very rare though. You can get the refurbished phones through third-party sellers who purchase refurbished IPhones in wholesale. You can also get the refurbished phone directly through Apple which gives you the same warranty as a brand new IPhone. Moreover, if you paid for a new

IPhone and you received a refurbished one; you can seek a refund or replacement. This is likely to happen if you buy phones from untrustworthy sellers.

  • New Cover and Battery

The refurbished phone from Apple comes with a new covering and a new battery as well. This means that you get a device that is same as the new one, being equal in performance and appearance. Moreover, you also get one-year warranty on your phone, the same when you purchase a new IPhone. The only downside is that you do not get your phone in that fancy white box, which is meant absolutely for the brand new IPhones. But, would you mind as long as the phone you get is working as better as the new IPhone. So, why to pay extra for the new stuff?

What is the best time to buy Refurbished IPhones?

The best time to buy the refurbished IPhones is in the month of September and October. This is because the excess of used devices flood the market as people rush to sell their last year’s model so that they can make some cash in order to buy the new launched IPhone.

It has been quite a while now that Apple has been selling refurbished IPhones and it was the last year when Apple made it possible for its users to make an online order for a refurbished IPhone as well. The fact of the matter is that they are as reliable to use as any new Apple product.

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