Kami Sama Ni Nata Hi (The Day I Became A God)

A Strange Tale About A Young Girl Who Foresees The End Of The World

Part of the magic of anime in general is how the creators – be the series good or bad –  scarcely put limits on their own imaginations. Kami Sama Ni Nata Hi is one of the newest examples, as it tells a strange tale of a girl foresees the world’s grim future.

The series first hit our screens on the 11th of October this year, and is the third offering from Jun Maeda and Na-Ga – working under the Key visual novel development studio, in a collaborative effort with PA works, and Aniplex.

Na-Ga’s character designing and Maeda’s storytelling abilities were reunited to create this project PA works producer, Mitsuhito Tsuji, made it known that he was interested in working on a new original project to follow up after the 2010 released, Angel Beats, and 2015 released Charlotte. And the rest is history, some say.

The Story

The story follows a highschool student, Yota Narukami, who – like most children of his age – is anxiously preparing for his college entrance exam. On one fateful day – while playing baseball with a friend – what’s left of his life, and possibly the lives of everyone around him, would never be what he would have imagined of them.

Yota is approached by a young girl who introduces herself as Hina, who alights Yota to the fact that she also happens to be the omniscient god Odin. After a bit of scepticism from Yota and his friend.The boy is not immediately convinced of what he has been told and begins the journey of his most eventful summer holidays.

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However, his new relationship with his omniscient god starts to put a straight on his relationship with his childhood friend. This dynamic usually plays out in comic scenarios where Hina tries to help but only makes matters worse.

As the story is opened through the first episode, there are two ideas that stream to the viewers mind after the “end of the world is in 30 days” bombshell is dropped. A person in a similar situation would be left with only two options. Try to save the world or make the most of what little time you have. If it is told well, this could be a very compelling watch.

The Good

The main name behind this project, Maeda, has already proven his ability to portray people’s emotions. This aspect of his work is just as present in this offering as it is been in previous works. The heavy emotional burden of knowing the world is going to end soon is very tangible.

The Bad

At this point in time, there isn’t a lot to go on when discussing “The Day I Became a Good” as the series is still at its beginning. However, going with the theme of the world ending in 30 days, one doesn’t imagine that  this series will run for very long.

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