Best horror games in Roblox

There are horror games in what is typically considered a game for children? We were just as suprised as you!

Roblox for the past decade has been widely regarded as a children’s game in the gaming community. However, with the recent surge of popularity, especially on TikTok, more and more people started discovering that Roblox, in fact, has some amazing games. The platform hosts a wide variety of horror games with diverse themes and gameplay styles. Players can choose from haunted houses, escape rooms, survival horror, and more, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Today we will be looking at the best horror games this ”children’s” platform has to offer.

1. The Mimic – the best Roblox horror game

the mimic roblox horror game

The Mimic stands out as one of the most spine-chilling horror games within Roblox. Offering both single-player and multiplayer modes, this game presents an eerie adventure spread across multiple chapters. Drawing inspiration from four distinct tales of Japanese history and urban legends, The Mimic adds a unique twist to its narrative.

Disguised as four separate books, each chapter plunges you and your companions into a world with amazing design and graphics, startling and unexpected noises, and a multitude of heart-pounding jump scares. While it’s possible to embark on this Roblox horror journey solo, we highly recommend enlisting a friend to join you if you’d rather not brave the terror alone.

2. Apeirophobia

Apeirophobia roblox horror game

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When it comes to atmospheric horror, Apeirophobia stands out as one of the most terrifying games on Roblox. Inspired by the Backrooms, those familiar with the creepypasta lore will encounter numerous familiar areas within the game. While many of these spaces remain devoid of actual monsters, the graphics, environment design, and soundscapes manage to keep players perpetually on edge. Apeirophobia excels in gradually building tension, primarily due to the absence of any imminent “danger” in certain areas.

As players attempt to navigate the seemingly never-ending hallways and corridors meticulously crafted within this Roblox masterpiece, a palpable sense of dread envelops them. It’s an experience that leaves many players filled with trepidation, making Apeirophobia a must-try for those seeking a spine-tingling journey within the realm of Roblox horror.

3. Blair


When a game type gains immense popularity, it’s only a matter of time before it finds its way into the Roblox universe. Take Phasmophobia, for instance, which has enjoyed a significant following since its PC debut in 2020 and has directly influenced Blair – A Roblox Horror game. Blair, a 4-player co-op presents friends with the task of investigating one of seven haunted locations. Their aim is to uncover the ghost responsible for the eerie occurrences. This premise seamlessly aligns with Roblox’s visual style and its preference for shorter gaming sessions.

At the beginning of each round, players have the freedom to choose their equipment. It ranges from basic essentials like flashlights to more specialized investigative tools like EMF meters. While such a setup may seem typical for the horror genre, Blair’s locations possess enough distinctiveness to encourage repeated playthroughs, as do the diverse ghost encounters. Although it doesn’t introduce the most groundbreaking concept, this Roblox horror game stands out for its exceptional execution.

4. The Asylum

the asylum

Ominous from the very beginning, The Asylum is divided into two chapters. It incorporates a range of well-established mechanics commonly associated with horror games. Firstly, players are intentionally kept in the dark, receiving minimal information beyond a suggestion to venture. Only occasionally do they get hints about immediate objectives.

Furthermore, The Asylum stands out as a visually compelling game, effectively employing lighting and shadows to craft a haunting ambiance. While the narrative plays a subtle role throughout the gameplay, it harmonizes seamlessly with the overall gameplay.

5. The Nanny

The Nanny is an exceptionally scary game. Make sure to stay away if you’re easily frightened, you have been warned! Nanny’s objective is simple: escape. Players enter randomly chosen maps, tasked with completing survival challenges. But they’re not alone; a terrifying entity hunts them, drawing inspiration from classic horror. While Nanny lacks major surprises, it stands as a well-crafted game. Its conventional settings, such as a church and hospital, remain unsettling and contribute to the overall chilling atmosphere

Nanny’s straightforward gameplay encourages suspense and teamwork among players as they confront relentless adversaries. The game’s ominous atmosphere and creepy environments immerse players in a game that truly represents what something in the horror genre should be. While it may not revolutionize the horror game genre, Nanny successfully delivers the thrills and chills that fans of the genre crave.

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