Everything We Know About Ghostrunner 2

Ghostrunner's massively unique setting will see a major expansion.

Released in October 2020, Ghostrunner is a first-person action game. Developed by One More Level, it received mostly positive reviews due to its uniquely fast-paced action sequences and unique futuristic setting. Developers announced Ghostrunner 2 in December of 2021, and fans have been awaiting information on its release. Although the developers have been keeping details of Ghostrunner 2 under wraps, here is everything we know about the sequel.

The Success of Ghostrunner

The original Ghostrunner game was a massive hit with the entire gaming community, with everyone praising its fluid gameplay. Controlling all the speed and combative abilities of Ghostrunner satisfied anyone who tried it. Combined with its visually pleasing cyberpunk setting, it was a standout game in the saturated market of first-person action games.

It wasn’t just the gameplay and visuals that captured many gamers. The story was exceptional with some very well-placed mysteries. The element of mystery was certainly a major factor in play: which is why fans eagerly wait for Ghostrunner 2, to learn more about the Dharma Tower and the Architect.

Release time of Ghostrunner 2

As of now, developers have not announced any official release dates. However, based on Ghostrunner 1, we can safely assume we will see the sequel sometime near the end of 2023.

Possibilities for Ghostrunner 2

Given the success of the first game’s lore, we can expect to see a lot of backstories of the world. One More Level took meticulous care to ensure there were no leaks. Therefore, there will surely be many new gameplay mechanics and an interesting new story set in the Dharma Tower and beyond.

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Ghostrunner 2 will undoubtedly introduce new weapons and abilities to use in combat. Players adored the first game’s super-satisfying combat sequences. Adding fresh elements like new abilities could make the sequel even more popular. Furthermore, Ghostrunner 2 could introduce new settings for players to explore: Giving us a chance to learn about what happened in the past and letting us experience more of Ghostrunner’s unique and mysterious world.

Another possibility for Ghostrunner 2 is a multiplayer feature, whether cooperative or competitive. The smooth combat system of Ghostrunner would work very well in a competitive multiplayer setting. Plus, it would provide a fun way for players to share the experience with friends.

Concluding Thoughts

Ghostrunner 2 is slowly building up to be one of the highly anticipated games of 2023. Players of the first game can expect more of the satisfying action and challenges the original Ghostrunners provided, in addition to new gameplay mechanics and a continuation story set in the same cyberpunk world. Whether the sequel will introduce new weapons and abilities, new environments, or multiplayer features is likely speculation. However, one thing is certain- Ghostrunner 2 is sure to be an exciting and satisfying continuation of the first game.

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