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All the New Features of Splatoon 3

Splatoon comes back, offering lots of new features to hook players.

One of the most joyous games released for the Nintendo Switch has returned. Although Splatoon is relatively young in regard to Nintendo, a considerable number of fans adore the Splatoon Franchise. However, Splatoon 2 did not have the greatest feedback (due to the lack of new features). However, Splatoon 3 is proof that Nintendo listens to fans. With many standalone features to set Splatoon 3 apart, it’s well-received by players. Here are the key features Nintendo added to it;

Tons of Customization Options

At the start of the game, players have many character customization options. We now get to play as an Octling or an Inkling with nine different skin tone choices. For an Inkling, there are 16 unique hairstyles, and 8 for Octling. We can even customize our character’s legwear: with 14 different options. If you decide you want to try a different look after finishing your customization, don’t worry, you can always go back and change your character. You can even change from an Octling to an Inkling and vice versa.

Splatoon 3 Story Mode

Further exploring the Splatoon lore, taking where we left off in the Octo Expansion, the single-player mode in Splatoon 3 is called the “Return of the Mammalians”. Although we only saw a teaser for the single-player mode, we can assume it will be the finale of the Splatoon lore. Regardless, after the positive feedback for the previous story modes, we can expect something even greater than before as the grand finale.

Splatoon 3 Weapon Additions

The Splatana


A melee Splatoon weapon? Nope. Although this looks like a katana, it has an impressive range where it shoots slashes in quick succession. To shoot a charged slash, hold the shoot button before releasing. Quick slashes are horizontal, while the charged ones are more vertical.

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The Stringer


It is a new type of Splatoon bow that shoots three balls of ink at release at medium succession. Players can change the shot depending on if they jump while shooting or stand. While standing, it shoots horizontally; and vertically when jumping.


splatoon 3 tacticooler

The first special weapon on this list is the Tacticooler. The Tacticooler is a dispenser that drops beverages that grant a speed boost. Each Tacticooler can dispense up to four cans so the entire squad can grab one.


splatoon 3 the reefslider

This unique weapon is a summonable ride that allows players to charge and slam into an area to explode, splatting ink in a wide radius and dealing lots of damage.

Wave Breaker

The Wave Breaker is another special weapon that, when summoned, will send sonar waves around itself to find players. Upon detecting enemies, the Wave Breaker will damage them. Players can avoid the Wave Breaker by jumping over the waves.

Crab Tank

splatoon 3 crabtank

The Crab Tank is another special ridable. It’s an assault vehicle that can rapidly shoot small ink shots and slowly shoot powerful ones at a long distance.


splatoon 3 trizooka

The Trizooka is a special that fires three powerful arcing ink shots that can travel through players.

Ink Vac

splatoon 3 inkvac

Arguably one of the best support special weapons, the Ink Vac is capable of stopping any ink that is shot toward its vortex. The vortex will also slow any enemy player, making the Ink Vac essential when pushing deep into enemy territory.

Triple Inkstrike

splatoon 3 triple instrike

The Triple Inkstrike is a special weapon that shoots three sticky beacons that each summon a temporary ink tornado once stuck to a surface.

Big Bubbler

big bubbler splatoon 3

Another very powerful support special weapon is the Big Bubbler. The Big Bubbler summons a bubble that only lets ally ink shots through- making it crucial in defensive plays.

New Maps in Splatoon 3

new maps in splatoon 3

Although we haven’t seen all the maps, Nintendo confirmed that there are at least 12 maps. Half of these will be popular maps from Splatoon 1 and 2 and the other half will be completely new.

Tableturf Battles

splatoon 3 tableturf

By far the most unique feature of Splatoon 3, the Tableturf Battle is Splatoon’s own competitive card game. Each card on the board represents a part of the game. The goal of the game is to cover the majority of the board with your cards. 150 confirmed cards will be released, with new ones being added as updates roll out.

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