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Doom Eternal Review

I've been lucky to play Doom Eternal @ E3 this year, but I've been holding off on my early impressions review because I knew I was going to get to play it again this year at QuakeCon and guess what? I did.

Now, I’m ready to give you my early impressions review of doom eternal . Now there were a couple of reasons I wanted to wait to give you guys my review on doom eternal. One of those reasons, of course, was I wanted as much time with the game as possible  before I gave my first impressions review.  Now let me just tell you, with my E3 time and with  my QuakeCon time I spent with Doom eternal as probably anyone other than those that are associated with the game, and let me explain why. At E3 this year I got to play the game behind the scenes for an hour and what a privilege that was, and really there was probably enough right there to do a pretty good review but I also got to play the game multiple times at the Bethesda booth and also got to play the game multiple times at Xbox as well so just at E3 alone I probably had over two hours worth of gameplay of doom eternal. So with all that said, let’s start the review of Doom eternal.

Lived up to all expectations

First of all, I must admit that Doom Eternal did live up to all of my expectations. I am a fan of doom always, have been a family fan of doom, I love the original doom classic – it is one of the greatest games of all time. It is the RPG that paved the way for all other RPG’s.
Doom eternal is Doom 2016. on steroids. They didn’t miss anything that doom 2016. had, they didn’t get anything wrong that they got right in doom 2016 at least for what I played.

New features

One of the biggest features of course is the hook and chain coming at the bottom of the shotgun which is absolutely amazing, I don’t know why you’d want to play with any other gun because that gun is super – i just love it! But of course, you have to play with many guns in this game because they do not give you much ammo which is one of the ways you have to play. You have to play the game very fast, and be changing guns very often in this game as they don’t give you a lot of ammo.

If you played doom 2016. then you will know how to play doom eternal, same type style, same type flow – and I almost wrote same type feel but not quite, because that is really the main thing I want to get into.

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Nostalgic Doom

Doom eternal had a much more nostalgic feel than doom 2016. for some reason it kept pulling  me back to the original doom games in my mind, even though there was no direct reference to the classic doom – it just had that feel of a classic doom game – and that is great! Doom eternal definitely has that nostalgic feel, it just brings that classic Doom feeling. If you’ve ever played the original doom, you’re going to get that feeling while playing Doom eternal.  Developers have admitted, that they love the classic Doom, and they very often go and play it once more, just to be sure that everything that they are doing is correct and lines up the the lore of Doom. Yes, Doom has lore – and developers make sure that they stay true to that lore.

I loved the feeling that this game has from the very start of the game. This game is also jam-packed with new weapons and new enemies. It also has some new goodies as far as new multiplayer things that they have added as well. So, if you are looking for some new adventures in doom then look to doom eternal. It is coming out this November, November 22nd.

Let me give you a few specifics of the gameplay. If you’ve never played Doom, you should know that it is FAST, it is probably the fastest game I’ve ever played. If you thought doom 2016. was fast, well – this is just as fast if not faster, but it is probably the fastest game that you will ever play. Also, the gunplay is to smooth the gunplay. It is some of the best first-person-shooting that is on the market, but you better get good at switching between weapons, and it is knowing which weapon to use for which enemy. Also, it’s not a story-drive game, it is a level driven game even though there is a story. I also notice that there are more puzzles in Doom eternal that there was in doom 2016., and when I say puzzles I’m talking about the obstacles that you have to go through with your character, and of course there are some things that you have to solve but the more obstacle based puzzles  that you’ll have to go through with your character. And lastly, there are going to be more Boss fights in Doom eternal that there were in Doom 2016. as well , all in all Doom eternal is a fast, phonetic, bloody, fierce , amazing, brutal – you pick the adjectives. But it is a wonderful game that I would recommend  to anyone that loves a good first-person shooter.

When Doom Eternal gets released on November 22nd it has my full stamp of approval.


Doom Eternal Review

Graphics - 9
Sounds & Music - 9.5
Gameplay - 9.5


Blood and Gore is back!

Doom eternal looks to take the huge success of Doom 2016. and take it to another level.

Doom Eternal
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