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Diablo 4 – Everything we know so far

Blizzard's action RPG launches next year - here's everything new we've learned about it.

Fans of the Diablo 4 series have been waiting for the fourth version of the game for a long time. But it seems that this wait will end soon. At the Bethesda and Xbox event, Blizzard confirmed that the game will be released in 2023 for PC and 8th and 9th generation consoles.

Thanks to this event and other details released since then, we know more about Diablo 4. We have gathered the biggest and most important information available for you in the following. So stay tuned with Bizznerd.


The most important news that has been released for Diablo 4 so far is the return of the Necromancer class. Before this installment, playable classes were Druid, Rogue, Sorceress, and Barbarian. The Necromancer is the game’s fifth selectable class. Like other classes, the necromancer has undergone changes that you will see in detail below.

Necromancer Skills and Weapons

Diablo 4 necromancer skills

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The Necromancer has many weapons available from different swords and daggers to different sticks and shields. The skills of this class fall into four categories. Bone, for physical abilities and powers; Darkness, to cast shadow spells and weaken enemies; Blood, to cast damaging spells, and Army, to summon the dead to fight alongside you. Undoubtedly, the last mentioned category is supposed to be this class’s most popular.

Book of the Dead

Diablo 4 Book of Dead

Thanks to having a power called the Book of the Dead, the Necromancer can have more control over the type of his undead army. Using this ability, players of this class will be able to add more variety to their undead. It can include various Blood, Bone, and Iron golems, steal the opponent’s health, use it as a tank, and attack, respectively. There are also reapers with their famous scythes, bone warriors and wizards, and several other types of undead to choose from.


diablo 4 customization

As expected from Diablo, Blizzard has provided a lot of customization options for characters. Your items and skills can be changed at your will. You can also easily change from one style to another. There are many expectations from the game for customization in the decorating section. Of course, the exact details have not been released yet. We can hope that soon more information will be revealed to us from this department.


diablo 4 strongholds

One of the interesting things that we are going to see in Diablo 4 is the presence of Strongholds: The area that is in the possession of your enemies. Raiding these areas and destroying enemies, in addition to the usual loot and experience points, will transform the area into something else. After conquering, a city may appear instead, where people and NPCs return, or a new dungeon may be found. This event has a lot of potential to change the game plan and fans are curious to know more about how this system works.

Local Events and Global Boss Fights

diablo 4 world boss

The Diablo game map is supposed to host various events. Some of them have been included with a focus on multiplayer and co-op modes. For example, local events are small parts of the story that appear in a part of the world you’re playing in and you can participate in them. World bosses are huge enemies that will appear in the shared world of Diablo 4, and players must cooperate to defeat them.



The multiplayer part of Diablo 4 is not going to focus only on cooperation. The game will include areas where players can kill each other and compete for various prizes. The top players in this section are marked as champions on other players’ maps, which will make them a more attractive target for other players.

Endgame Content

Diablo 4 endgame

Diablo can’t be imagined without post-end content. This point has been there since the first version of the game. Now the same is expected from the new version. Fortunately, the creators of Diablo 4 are also aware of this, at least Blizzard says so for now. According to the developers, when you experience all the content of the game, you can go to the nightmare dungeons, enjoy the PvP section, raise your character’s powers to a higher level than the maximum with the Paragon Board’s system, go for more powerful loots, interact with the “Tree of Whispers” and other activities.

Post-Launch Programs

MMORPG open world

Maybe end-game content is satisfactory to you, but, there is always a need for new content. Blizzard has promised to add new content to the game in the next few years. What will it include is not yet known, but Blizzard has announced that a lot of it will be released after the game’s launch. For content that requires payment, the developers have announced that this section will include optional decorations and complete add-on packages.


The game supports online multiplayer and local co-op on consoles and PC, but multiplayer isn’t limited to just one platform. The creators have confirmed that the game supports full crossplay between PCs and 9th-generation consoles. You can transfer your progress in the game between different devices.

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