Everything in Valorant’s New Oni 2.0 Bundle

Why is the Oni 2.0 bundle worth $70?

Valorant’s latest limited bundle, Oni 2.0, was recently released. This bundle is a second re-work/release of the previous Oni bundle. The most eye-catching change was the addition of the Oni Kunitsuna. In comparison to the last Oni knife, the Kunitsuna is vastly better. Similar to the original Oni bundle, 2.0 revolves around the Japanese mythological creature: Oni. The Oni is a demonic being with horns, which inspired Yoru’s mask. Here is everything to know about Valorant’s new Oni 2.0 bundle.

Gun Skins

The bundle includes the Oni Vandal, Bulldog, Ares, Frenzy, and the Onimaru Kunitsuna (the melee weapon). All these weapons have three variations to choose from. To obtain the variations, you must spend Radianite Points (RP). Furthermore, RP are also used to upgrade the weapons: unlocking visual and audio effects.

Oni 2.0 vandal
Uni 2.0 bulldog
Oni 2.0 ares
Oni frenzy 2.0
Oni Kunitsuna
Oni kunitsa

2.0 Bundle’s Player Card, Spray, and Gun Buddy

Along with the weapon skins, the bundle contains a player card and spray. The Player card has a unique dark design featuring the Oni Samurai, as seen below:
Oni player card

The spray features a cartoon red Oni mask, as seen below:

The Gun Buddy is one of the best Gun Buddies from a bundle so far:

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Oni 2.0’s Price

The new bundle is available in the store for 7100 Valorant Points (VP). This is the same price as the original Oni bundle, unsurprisingly. 7100 VP are worth 70 US Dollars. If you only want specific skins in the bundle, you can individually purchase each item. However, you will get a lot more for your money if you buy the bundle.

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