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Best farms to build in Minecraft early game

Redstone to a lot of us seems overwhelming. However, with the right farms, you can make your Minecraft survival experience a lot better

In Minecraft, players often face the biggest challenge of acquiring various materials when they start a survival world. However, with enough creativity, you can address this very easily with a Minecraft farm. Here are all the farms that you can build early game and make your life much easier:

1. Kelp XP Minecraft Farm

kelp minecraft farm

For those who find more intricate farms daunting and simply want a small XP boost for their survival Minecraft world without any extras, there’s a straightforward method to farm XP using only kelp. It is one of the best materials due to its ability to be grown, dried in the furnace, and then utilized as fuel to further dry additional kelp. Consequently, it serves as excellent fuel for a straightforward and uncomplicated Minecraft XP farm.

Also, Kelp can be harvested and used as a building material or decoration in underwater-themed builds due to its unique appearance

2. Mob Spawner Minecraft Farm

mob spawner minecraft farm

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During a regular survival game in Minecraft, it’s highly probable that you’ll stumble upon caves with spawners. These spawners are easily recognizable by their mossy cobblestone walls and loot chests. They are quite literally ideal for XP farming

The majority of spawner farms operate on a simple principle: confining the mobs in one location where you can safely eliminate them to acquire experience points and any potential drops. To significantly enhance the XP yield from this setup, consider taming some Wolves and constructing an AFK Fish Farm near the drop zone. The Wolves will administer the final blow on your behalf, allowing you to accumulate experience points even when you’re away from the keyboard while fishing.

3. Fish farm

fish minecraft farm

A multitude of designs exist for AFK fish farms and other automatic fishing setups, all of which prove to be amazing for farming enchantment books, bows, saddles, name tags, and even fishing rods in Minecraft. Additionally, automatic fishing farms serve as excellent sources of both food and XP.

Considering that it demands only minimal resources, having a fish farm is essential for any player. While the XP yield may not be exceptionally high, the procedure is straightforward and uncomplicated, and the rewards are truly great.

4. Wither Skeleton Farm

wither skeleton farm

The tougher the mob, the more experience they give you! The Wither Skeleton is known for its formidable nature. This farm not only ensures your safety from their Withering effect but also yields approximately 135 Wither Skeleton Skulls simultaneously. Moreover, it doesn’t demand extensive and laborious spawn-proofing in the Nether.

5. Villager Breeder Minecraft farm

villager breeder minecraft farm

A villager breeder farm is an excellent addition to early-game Minecraft for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it provides a sustainable source of villagers, which are crucial for various aspects of gameplay. Villagers can trade valuable resources, offer enchantments, and serve as a source of experience points through their professions.

Additionally, they are essential for building more advanced automated farms and mechanisms. A villager breeder farm is relatively simple to set up, requiring only a few beds and workstations, making it accessible for players in the early stages of the game.

6. Bamboo farm


A bamboo farm is a strategic choice for any Minecraft player, particularly during the early game. It is renowned for its rapid growth, making it an abundant and eco-friendly resource. When cultivated on your farm, bamboo shoots can shoot up several blocks in mere minutes. This quick growth ensures a steady supply of bamboo for your various needs, be it crafting scaffolding, fueling furnaces, or trading with wandering traders.

Setting up a bamboo farm is relatively straightforward, even for players just starting their Minecraft adventure. All that’s required is a water source, dirt or sand, and some bamboo shoots to begin. This low barrier to entry means you can quickly establish a bamboo farm in the early game, providing you with valuable resources without extensive resource gathering or exploration.

7. Melon and Pumpkin Minecraft farm

Both melons and pumpkins can become an amazing food source for you and other people on your server. Melon slices serve as a nutritious option to keep hunger at bay, while pumpkins can be crafted into hearty pumpkin pies. Their availability within your farm ensures that your food reserves remain stocked, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your Minecraft adventure.

Establishing a melon and pumpkin farm is a straightforward task, even for newcomers to the game. Basic resources like dirt, water, and a few seeds are all that’s needed to kickstart your farm.

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