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Benefits of Humanizing Your Automated Email Marketing

What is Email Automation?

Email automation allows you to send out targeted emails at predesignated times or based on specific activities, to build personalized relationships with existing and current customers.

Before you start any email marketing automation, it is necessary to clean your email list with bulk email checker tools.

Email marketing automation is the next big thing. Weather, you have CRM-related tool for increasing lead, conversions and improving sales forecast and segmenting customer. Email Marketing, not only gives us the opportunity to send personalized communication to every user but also saves a lot of time. Think about it, if you send manual massages to each subscriber or user, it will take a lot of time.

“Just think that 75% of email revenue is generated from personalized campaigns”.

Recent studies have shown that automated Email Marketing brings up to an 11% increase in sales. This holds the importance of email marketing in marketing communication.

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You can send the following types of emails:

  1. Promotional emails  –These emails are mainly used to market a product or service. Share seasonal sales, up-sells, cross-sells, discount coupons and other advertising initiatives and offer.
  2. Newsletters – If you truly want to engage subscribers don’t just send them promotional emails. Send regular newsletters that offer useful information, helpful tips and tricks, how-to guides and problem-solving solutions issue just to engage with the subscribers.
  3. Thank-you emails – Send thank you for a mail whenever a customer send to make a purchase, create an account or sign up. If you truly want to engage subscribers these emails help to make a purchase decision.
  4. Shipping updates  – Most E-commerce companies share the shipping address update with a mail. Like, where your product is now, did it reached the warehouse, etc.
  5. Abandoned cart emails – Abandoned emails are those emails where people add product in their shopping carts but have not purchased yet. These acts like a reminder mail where who trigger customer who makes a purchased product. Share discount coupon or other special coupons that might help them to make a purchase.
  6. Event announcements and confirmations – If you host events such as seminars, trade shows or conferences, occasional fair then email is a fantastic way to boost engagement. You can also use email to promote your podcasts, videos, and blogs.
  7. Referral emails – Offer subscribers an incentive to refer your business with their friends and family. Offer them a gift card or free gifts when they refer your link.
  8. Contact form – Your customers/subscriber can send you any sort of information/ feed via email. You have the contact form on the websites header or footer section. If any customer wants to share any feedback then mail you in the contact form.

Email Automation has facilitated the marketers to send Email at the relevant time and with relevant content. Timing is very important in Email Marketing, you must analyze the previous campaign to understand the result. Analyzing the timing, open rates, click rates. Collect full insights about the subscriber’s activity. But, make sure your automated emails should have a human touch so that subscribers engage

Here are some simple tips to humanize your automated email campaigns

  1. Decide a credible sender name

he sender name of automated emails should build credibility and trustworthy. No reply from name should be strictly avoided because it doesn’t create trustworthiness.

  1. Use simple language 

Your email copy should be crafted like it reflects the need of the subscribers. It should be written in an easy language that the subscriber can relate to. Most, automated Emails are written in a sales pitch style. If you pitch ineffective sales content, then you will not be going to get the result. Try to make the Email content more like a conversion or recommendation.

  1. Add context to the email

Have a clear purpose of your Email Campaigns. Many marketers miss out the chance to create a context in the Email campaign. Vague communication is not optimistic. Because the receivers will not like emails that don’t add any value to them.

  1. Personalize the emails in the right way 

Addressing as the customers first name and last name is being personalized now. Go beyond than this trend and draft tailor-made. Personalized automated emails usually mean that you have set all the necessary custom information in the ESP and these details are automatically fetched in individual emails.

  1. Send appropriate follow-up emails 

Many a time that you will get multiple follow up mail from the same company. Obviously, it is not a pleasant experience for all the recipients. For example, if you keep receiving reminder emails for the payment of your phone bills, it would get quite annoying.

  1. Have the decent time of interval between follow up emails

Quite often, marketers overwhelm subscribers with too many automated emails at once. This is not a good practice as it can lead to unsubscribes and getting your emails marked as spam. Maintain an appropriate time interval between the series of automated emails and make sure it is relevance with each subscriber.

Before conquering the email newsletter world you should first step back and refine your email marketing plugins and see the results.

So ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What action do you want your subscribers to do?
  2. Who are your subscribers/customers?
  3. How will your subscribers benefit from this mail?
  4. he goals of your campaign objective should be increasing engagement.

For example, you could target for following rreasons: 

  1. The continuous growth of Subscribers list
  2. Improving brand awareness
  3. Increase email open rates
  4. How you’ll measure responses and analyze the result

Allow human touch in the automation process

Automation does mean that it doesn’t have any human interaction. Although many automated tools have made things easy for the email marketer.  It is highly recommended that you make way for human touch at the right time and facilitate more effective communication for your business.

Wrapping Up

Keep humanity alive in your email automation process. Create a better email experience for the subscribers to. Instead of sending general emails, send targeted emails to a wide range of population, use humanized automation to deliver value with personalized messages.

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