Beginner’s tips for Metro Exodus

Starting out in Metro Exodus can be pretty tough. But, you shouldn’t worry because we are here to help! Here’s top beginner tips you will need in Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is a videogame that was based on a bestselling novel called Metro 2033. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world following a nuclear war. In the game, you play as Artyom, a brave soldier who believes that there are remaining communities outside the Metro. A sort of open-world first-person shooter sounds interesting to everyone, especially with a good story. To read more about the game and why it is so great check out our other article.

Even though there are different levels of intensity that you can choose from in the game, it can be quite tough on new players. So, we have come up with top tips to make sure you are ready for your journey through the metro!

Hidden morale system

Morality inside videogames can be quite pesky, especially when it’s hidden like in Metro Exodus. With different endings to the game, to get the good one you will have to be good throughout the game. This includes lowering your weapons when you’re speaking to nonarmed people, not killing every single armed person – because sometimes they aren’t aggressive, and helping random people.

For example, at the start of the game, there will be a mission given to you by a child to retrieve a teddy berry that a monster stole from them. Quick and meaningless things like that boost your karma points and lead you to a better ending. Assuming that’s what you want of course.

Sometimes, it is best to run

The world outside of the metro is filled with monsters, dangerous monsters. Moreover, monsters that don’t give you any rewards. In games like Witcher 3, whenever you kill someone – they drop loot. However, that isn’t the case in Metro Exodus. So, we suggest that you avoid unnecessary combat that will strip you of your resources.

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Metro exodus mutant

In Metro Exodus being stealthy is your best friend

As we mentioned before, unnecessary combat is a no-no. The best way to avoid it is to sneak around and try to not make any noise. Even though that is useful in the wild, the bandit camps can be more tricky. So, we would suggest that you explore such places during nighttime and remember – You can always throw tin cans to distract them.

Throwable knives

Knives are a super useful tool in Metro Exodus and we want to make sure that you get the best out of them. In order to aim exactly where you want your knife to hit, we suggest that you use the laser sight on your weapon first and then throw the knife. This tactic is guaranteed to provide you with clean deadly shots.

Journal and guns in Metro Exodus

metro exodus map and journal

Whenever you lose track of what you were meant to do, you can always flip over your map and there you will find a journal. That journal will give you hints in hopes of helping you finish your mission. Also, you can attach a compass to your wrist or map on a workbench.

Speaking of workbenches, one thing you will have to return to them often for is cleaning your weapons. Weapons in Metro Exodus can get dirty very fast and that lowers their damage. To make sure you are ready for combat, cleaning them often is a must. Same with repairing your mask.

Make sure to explore the world

In order to play the game successfully, you will need a lot of crafting supplies. Where to find them you may ask? Well, just about anywhere. So, make sure to explore the world. This is a given for any open-world game, but it is often overlooked in Metro Exodus since it’s the first part in the franchise that has the open-world element.

Closing thoughts

This should make you set to embark on your journey through Metro Exodus. Keep in mind the tips are pretty vague, but the game wouldn’t be fun if we gave everything away! There needs to be a certain intensity to any game in order for it to be interesting. We wish you luck through your Metro playthrough!

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