Wayforwad’s Shantae Nintendo Game Series Now Available on Google Stadia

Video game developer, WayForward’s classic platform quest game – originally developed for Nintendo portable consoles – became available for streaming in early 2021. The iconic Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, alongside the newer Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition can be played on any mobile device, through Google’s Stadia platform.

Having first come to the public in 2002, Nintendo classic, Shantae ought to be counted among platform legends like the Krash Bandicoots, and Donkey Kongs of yesteryear. The game has enjoyed several reimaginings and platform jumps – PC, PlayStation, and Xbox – throughout its two decade tenure in the gaming world.

The game was first released for the Nintendo DSi portable gaming platform in October 2010, with a follow-up release the following year. The 2011 release of the game also featured a new Magic Mode, which sees our main protagonist, Shantae wielding extra attack power, at the expense of defensive ability though. I’m 2014, the studio released Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut. So titled because, at the time, the gaming firm had intended to release new iterations of the title as episodes of a greater narrative. 

That plan went the way of the dinosaurs, however, and instead, saw Risky’s Revenge releasing on multiple platforms in the years leading up to the Stadia release. Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut saw an iOS release that very year, with a PlayStation for port happening in  2015. Nintendo Wii U players got to enjoy the game in 2016, and Xbox enthusiasts saw a port to their platform of choice last year. 

The veteran Shantae title released alongside stablemate, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition on Google Stadia’s game streaming platform on the 23rd of February, this year. Meaning an new generation of gamers can spend hours trying to help Shantae save the day. 

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The title’s narrative revolves around a Half-Genie heroine named Shantae. She is the appointed guardian of a territory called scuttle city. She loses her prestigious title after failing to thwart dastardly buccaneering ne’erdowell, Risky Boots, crashes a relic convention and pilfers a curious lamp. She sets out to restore her honor – Like Zuko in Avatar: Legend of The Last AirBender – by going after Risky.

Her uncle, Mimic, let’s her in on the fact that magic seals – three of ten, because its never easy – will be necessary to release the lamp’s powers. Probably figuring that she should head Risky off, Shantae set off to deal with the Barons of the Sequin Land, three treasure hunters who are currently in possession of the seals in question..

Risky dupes the Half-Genie’s allies into betraying her by handing her uncle over to her – trust greed. Upon Shantae’s return, Risky launches her trap and forces her to hand the seals over, in exchange for her uncle’s life. The title delivers hours of engaging gameplay with Shantae’s mix of abilities. 

Her main weapon is her hair, which she uses to whip enemies to oblivion. She also gains spells throughout the game, which offer the advantage of range attacks. The half genie also has the ability to morph into various animals, which allow for extra abilities. She can transform into a mermaid to swim underwater, an elephant to smash heavy objects, or clear away obstacles to new map areas. Shantae can also become a monkey to climb or scurry between walls.

The game’s 2D platform format is probably why it scored so highlg with critics. The Shantae titles  remind one of classic platform games like Castlevania, but has a lot of modern twists which make it an incredibly enjoyable title.

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