Beastars Season 2

The Murder Mystery Continues

The first season of Beastars, which follows the lives of anthropomorphic animals who lead human-like lives, ended with a mystery. The second season picks up where it left off, ending with a big reveal on “who did it“.

Based on a successful manga series by writer/illustrator, Paru Itagaki, the Beastars anime series, developed by Orange, was first released towards the end of 2019. The second season was released earlier this year, being aired in Japan, from January to March of this year.

The second season of Beastars picks up where the last season left off, adding more detail to certain characters, which reveals deeper – sometimes dark – truths about who they are. The anthropomorphic animals of the Beastars universe lead modern, human-like lives, going to school, working, and enjoying all manner of recreational activity.

Things aren’t as rosy as they first seem, however, as those are still animals at the end of the day. The anthropomorphic animal society, of Blasters, is divided along herbivore/carnivore lines. To integrate the two sides, carnivorous animals take medication to dull their killer instincts and are expected to eat synthetic meat.

For the most, they comply, but the medication has adverse side effects, which leads them to have violent outbursts. There is also a dark element to this society. There exists, within this world, a Black Market, where herbivores are sold to carnivores who still eat meat, and make no effort to repress their carnal instincts.

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This is the reality which a teenaged grey wolf, Legoshi finds himself contending with, as he takes it upon himself to investigate the mystery behind the death of a herbivorous classmate. Legos must also come to terms with his repressed carnal instincts while trying to remain integrated into anthropomorphic animal society, and forming deeper relationships with non-carnivore friends.

One of Legos the wolf’s drama club – at school – rivals, Louis, reveals a darker, more conflicted part to his character. He is a herbivore marked for death since birth and becomes a member of one of the criminal elements which run the Black Market. This is all done in an effort, for Louis, to escape his destiny, which he eventually does, but not in the way that he initially sets out to get it done.

The killer of Tem, an Alpaca is finally revealed more than halfway through the 12 episode season. The anime series has been dropping hints as to who the killer might be, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone who isn’t might have been paying attention. Legoshi are forced to combat the carnivorous figure, and must also – in so doing – come face-to-face with a moral dilemma.

The guy – or in this case, the great wolf – even gets the girl, like Legos, after his heroic display against Tem’s killer. Legoshi, who has been thinking about dropping out of school, is forced to reconsider his position on the matter after Haru, a bunny girl, finally returns his affection towards her.

The series, after some harrowing twists and turns, comes to a happy conclusion. Mystery solves, and the object of Legoshi’ romantic efforts ts is also in the bag. What is still uncle, ar, however, is whether or not our hero takes the title of Beastars.

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