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Atlas Fallen game is inspired by God of War

At Gamescom 2022, a trailer of a new title called Atlas Fallen was shown, which according to people's opinions was in Soulslike style. However, according to the creators of this title, it was more inspired by Horizon and God of War titles.

Atlas Fallen is a new sandbox action/RPG video game. During the published trailer, we see parts of the gameplay. It seems that we are dealing with a title that has different classes of characters, each with their own specifics. In the trailer, there is also an example of two of the game’s characters’ skills

The German developers “Deck13” released Atlas Fallen during the event. This work is inspired by Horizon and God of War titles.

According to the latest news of the game, Jeremy Hartwick, the design director of Deck13 studio, announced in an interview that players will make mysterious discoveries in the sand and semi-open world. He said it is better to think of it as an action RPG like Guerrilla’s Horizon or God of War. In Atlas Fallen, players can play the game in three different difficulty levels, from adventure mode to standard and very hard. In this way, unlike other works of this studio, players can relate to Atlas Fallen more easily.

atlas fallen

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Inspired by Horizon and God of War titles

As Hartwick described, Atlas Fallen’s battle system will be different from other titles from this studio. He said in designing Atlas Fallen’s battles, we tried to create smooth and very enjoyable gameplay for the players while maintaining the core of the Deck13 InteractiveSurge game series. We took everything a step further in the direction of advanced character management and customizing players’ movements and showed the face of the RPG style.

Hartwick also continued that they removed the limitations of the game’s realism. Instead, they were focused more on creating a powerful and exciting feeling for the players.

Atlas Fallen does not yet have a lot of information available. Nevertheless, based on an interview with the developers, we can say that this title will be available for 9th-generation platforms and PCs.  The exact release date for Atlas Fallen has not been announced. However, we know that Deck13 plans to release the game in 2023.

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