AQUA Token 2nd Airdrop

The first AQUA airdrop will officially end on the 15th of December. 5% of the total supply (5B AQUA) was allocated to the first airdrop and so far 1.35 billion tokens have been claimed.

Any unclaimed tokens in the airdrop transferred to the DAO Community Fund for future use by holders.

The first airdrop was retroactive and focused on early users of the Stellar DEX and the second airdrop will be distributed to Stellar Lumens (XLM) holders.

Here are the key facts about 2nd airdrop:

  • During this airdrop, AQUA tokens will be distributed to Stellar Lumens (XLM) holders.
  • Eligible users must have a balance of at least 500 XLM (or yXLM) and at least 1 AQUA.
  • 2nd airdrop is three times bigger than the first one, with 15% of the total AQUA supply (15B AQUA) .
  • Every eligible user will receive a share of the 15B AQUA tokens allocated for this airdrop. Unclaimed AQUA goes to the DAO fund.
  • A snapshot of the Stellar network will be taken on the 15th of December 2021
  • Distribution will be made using claimable balance payments on the Stellar network. This is the same method used in the Initial Airdrop.
  • Once distribution starts, it will continue for three years (36 months).
  • Any Stellar wallet is supported. However, some exchanges might not be supporting this airdrop.

Eligibility for 2nd airdrop won’t be defined from a snapshot of a past ledger. This time everyone has the chance to participate, even those not currently using Stellar. The amount you can get from this airdrop depends on the number of eligible people.

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The distribution will last for three years and airdrop rewards will be divided into equal parts and delivered within that period. Distribution will start no later than the 1st of February 2022.

How much AQUA you will receive?

Each eligible user will receive a portion of the 15 billion tokens allocated to this airdrop. Also, users that hold more XLM will get more of it. As a simple example, a user holding 2,000 XLM will get 2 times more AQUA than a user holding 1,000 XLM.

Final Thoughts

Aquarius is an excellent project that is designed to bring liquidity to various SDEX (Stellar DEX) market pairs. At the moment SDEX is missing a large community and massive adaptation.  Aquarius project and AQUA token will definitely increase activity on SDEX and bring necessary stability.

If you want to find more info about Aquarius and  AQUA tokens, in general, read our article “Aquarius and Aqua Token Airdrop“.

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