Minecraft Dungeons: a New Minecraft Spinoff

A new Minecraft game with the same feel.

We can all agree that Minecraft has been a very successful game for a decade. This new spinoff, Minecraft dungeons, certainly seems like a smart way to move forward. Definitely smarter than the game Minecraft: Story Mode. While providing players with new and interesting content, Dungeons didn’t lose all the qualities that Minecraft integrates.

Along with the graphics, music, and the gameplay itself, Minecraft dungeons is still pretty vague. That gives the player space to use their imagination in order to fill in the blanks. After all, that’s what has kept Minecraft at the top for all these years. Dungeons seem like a simplified Diablo game which isn’t a bad thing. Something straightforward like this is suited for the younger audience that Minecraft has.

What is Minecraft Dungeons about?

Mojang published Minecraft Dungeons in 2020 and since then the game turned out to be a success. It is a dungeon crawler with some elements of hack and slash gameplay. Players walk their way through different dungeons fighting monsters, solving puzzles, and killing bosses.

The opening cutscene tells the story of an Illager named Archie. He was outcasted by villagers and forced to travel the world. During his wandering, he found a powerful artifact that turned him into an Arch-Illager. It granted him magical powers, but also made him evil. Players play as heroes with a quest to defeat him.

Minecraft Dungeons also features many DLCs: Echoing Void, Hidden Depths, Flames of the Nether, Howling Peaks, Creeping Winter, and Jungle Awakens. Each of them costs 6 euros. However, the full bundle is only 20 and has all of the DLCs and many cool things such as the Hero cape and chicken pet.

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The Gameplay

Like we said before, the game is very straightforward. Before you play, however, you can customize your character however you like. Even though the game has a main storyline, it is more focused on the gameplay itself. At the beginning of each level, a narrator welcomes you into the story of that part and from then on you fight your way through surprisingly long levels.

Another good thing about Minecraft Dungeons is the way loot works. Throughout your playthrough, you will pick up a lot of different items. There’s different armor, weapons, interesting potions that act as buffs, or other artifacts that can add a fresh kick to your gameplay.

This game is also multiplayer. You can play with your friend either with two controllers or online. Later on, the levels get pretty chaotic which makes it convenient to have a friend with you. It certainly enhances the whole experience of playing as well.

In-game currency and enchanting points

In your basecamp, you can spend in-game currency to interact with different traders and roll for different gear. As you level your character, you will also get enchanting points. They are used on items in order to enhance the stats. Another good thing about Minecraft Dungeons is the great rewards for exploration. Even though the game shows you where you need to go to complete the quest you’re on, it’s still possible to wander away from that path. That way, you can experience the game a lot better and earn good loot and additional enchanting points.

Closing thoughts

Minecraft Dungeons is simple in a lot of ways, but that’s the beauty of it. The music and graphics really reminiscence the original Minecraft in a lot of ways. Along with new types of mobs, an interesting story and a lot of different loot, this game certainly won’t disappoint any Minecraft fan.

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