6 Female Superheroes

The comic book world and secular media tend to put a lot of focus on male characters. There are, however, a good number of female superheroes, who stand on par with their male counterparts – if not a cut above.

There are a good number of female superheroes out there, aside from the box office heavy hitters, who do their part in the name of justice. Some are powerful enough to save galaxies, others go out there armed with nothing but a sense of justice. All heroic, in their own right.

Here is our pick of the 6 best female Superheroes:


As the maternal figure of the Bat-Family, Batwoman is strong-willed and is quite convicted in her sense of justice. She’s incredibly intelligent and resourceful, a decent counterpart to Batman


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The movies underplay just how powerful Storm is. This Wakandan superhero is second, only to Jean Gray (In The X-Men) in terms of power.

Storm can bend the weather to her will. It could snow one second, hail the next, and before you know it, she is dropping lightning bolts on you. Gentle and noble, Storm has incredible control over her power and uses it to pursue her convictions that humanity and mutant-kind could live together in peace.


The Hulk’s female counterpart, She-Hulk is a version of the mean, green, giant we all know and love, but she’s quite comfortable. Badass lawyer by day, even more, badass superhero all the time.

Before Deadpool used the breaking the fourth wall trope, She-Hulk had one-sided conversations with readers of her comic. Her taking comfort in her condition and owning it offered another perspective on the Hulk condition and the possibilities that accepting it opens. There’s probably a message somewhere in there.

Invisible Woman

The sole female member of the fantastic four, Suzan Storm, better known as The Invisible woman is the quintessential team player. She is sister to the hyper-confident Human Torch (who behaves as though his powers are exactly what he’s always wanted,) a devoted wife too, extra stretchy Mr. Fantastic, and a person that The Thing can always talk to.

She is essentially the glue that holds the team together, without her, during the Civil War event, the team virtually disintegrated. Though her powers startup virtually useless, with writers assigning her to a more motherly role within the team. Invisibleble woman’s character has since been revamped to be a more hardcore personality, able to form force fields and with telekinetic abilities.


Cousin to, and another Kryptonian to hang out with, The Man of Steel, Superman, Super Girl is every bit as ultra-durable super-breath-having, hyper-strong, able to shoot laser beams from her eyes, and up-up-and-away as her male counterpart. She has a heart of gold to boot, capable of sacrificing herself for a greater cause. This proved this quite well in the Crisis of Many Earths comic book event.

Wonder Woman

Daughter of the Greek god Zeus, and sworn defender of the human race, Diana Prince, who goes by the costume name, Wonder Woman is an incredibly powerful female superhero. Super intelligent, and, pretty much, on par with Superman in durability, and strength, Wonder Woman makes a great leader and even better warrior.

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