What Are The Future Impacts Of AI On Web Development?

Artificial intelligence is one of the emerging technologies that hit the news headlines day after another with innovative use cases.

The technology is taking the world by storm and web development is no exception.

How AI technology is becoming a friend of web development?

Two decades back, having typography, images, text, and videos on the websites were enough. Also, having a proper idea of HTML, CSS and JavaScript was a must-have to design a website. And, to reflect any change in the website, updating every single page of the website was necessary, which has made comprehensive website development quite cumbersome.
Later, with gradual advancements, CMS grew in popularity, mobile-responsiveness turned out to be essential, and ready-made tools became available that enabled website development with drag and drop feature. It has helped the web developers to keep up with the market trends and changing customer’s preferences.
Now, in the webbed world, the hyper-personalized user experience is the latest trend that cannot be overlooked to win the customers and seizes an edge in the market. The focus on improved user experience is growing at an astronomical rate. But, traditional web development approach has no answer to the increasing expectations of the customers. Here AI is the biggest rescuer.
The AI technology in conjunction with machine learning and deep learning, automate the web development process from coding and testing to the marketing. It takes off the heavy work from the shoulders of web developers and let them concentrate more on the things that deliver great results such as a design strategy, user experience engineering, making interactions better, effective marketing and pretty more.

There are many ways AI shapes the rosy future of web development company, so let’s take a glance at the role that AI will play in the web development space:

The new coding superhero

When the AI bots are fed and trained with data sets, they can perform the basic and repetitive tasks such as adding and updating the records to the database, estimate which piece of code or logic can solve the problem, and suggest the best predictions to the web developers to embrace the best solution.
Pix2Code is a novel application that aims at automating the front-end development leveraging AI algorithms, which is capable of generating code from the scratch for any mock-up. The code is not compilable but can be used in an application.

Work on designer’s behalf

The AI virtual assistants relieve the web developers from the monotonous and time-consuming tasks of designing the website layout and templates by designing the website in an automated fashion.
The AI machines using the cognitive capabilities and context apprehension power, search the references from the internet and analyze the user’s data to create beautiful graphics just the way a human does. Additionally, the design inconsistencies are identified quickly when the cognitive abilities unmatched and can be fixed at speed using context apprehension. With structure identification power of the AI bots to a single pixel enables the creation of an image that’s ultimate.

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Accomplish QA and testing efficiently

The quality control aspect of the web development eats up a lot of time as web app testing involves code quality testing, usability testing, UI and UX testing, performance testing, user acceptance testing, and security testing. With AI algorithms, the things will turn upside down.
Using the historical data, the trained AI bots can accomplish most of the basic software testing. The bots can assess the coding pattern, find the faults, and predict the solutions to fix the issues with little-to-no developer’s input. It yields more time for the web developers to focus on perfecting the user experience as the testing part is automatically handled by the AI agents.

Become data scientists

The data-driven decisions are backed by efficient data gathering and analyzation. The human intervention takes a lot of time and the chances of errors exist. AI automation can transform the whole process amazingly.
AI chatbots or voice assistants interact with the target customers, collect the data using different data extraction tools, and then formulate the precise web development or designing strategy that bring favorable outcomes.
Indeed, the relevant customer experience can be delivered such as displaying personalized ads, serving tailored recommendations, changing the price optimally, and stimulating sales with customized offers.

Render best customer support services

AI bot is changing the game of customer support services that websites provide through live chat. The chatbots are trained with pre-defined commands and they learn continuously from the conversations to simulate the human conversation and provide the relevant answers in a split of a second.
Connecting the dots, the machines understand human behaviour and their needs nicely to make the communication more normal and customer-centric. The real-time assistance provided by bots in a tailored fashion makes the interaction seamless and buying process pleasant and easy.

The next SEO consultant

The AI-powered SEO platforms provide richer insights to the web developers regarding the content development and improvements in order to make the website that stay synced with the users and get crawled by the search engines.
The data and processing capabilities of AI that exceeds the human potential in making the website SEO-ready are: enhancing the value of website’s metadata with the data produced through AI continuous analysis and mining; removing the irregularities in the website architecture that AI tools perceive; eliminating the bad content that’s highlighted by AI predictive engines.
Moreover, integrating voice-based searches packed with NLP capabilities on the website increases the SEO score as it delights the users by allowing them to find things easily and quickly.

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