The iconic covid lockdown game Fall guys is now free

We are sure that you’ve heard of this game so far. A simple premise with loud design and lots of rage involved, Fall guys was an absolute hit from the beginning

Fall guys, a famous covid lockdown game, is a battle royale developed by Mediatonic and it came out in August of 2020. Recently, it has gained a lot more popularity after the decision of the developers for the game to be free to play.

Fall guys and battle royale

When you hear the term battle royale, you’re probably thinking of videogames such as Fornite or PUBG. Certainly, you wouldn’t be expecting a game that looks like this:

fall guys map

Well, that’s the charm of Fall guys! After the major success that Fortnite had, a lot of battle royales after it featured similar concepts with guns and bombs. However, this Mediatonic game had a fresh take. Instead of big grenades, you will be blown off the map by giant fruit!

The basic premise of the game

With a simple design comes a simple premise as well. A total of 60 players are put inside a certain map with obstacles that they’re meant to complete in the shortest time possible. After each round, only a certain number of people qualify for the next round. However, in the end, there is only one winner.

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Don’t be fooled though, the game doesn’t just feature different maps but different game modes as well! Some of them include Hex-a-ring, Volleyfall, Speed circuit, The Swiveller, Bounce Party, Blast Ball, and many more. With this variety, you can also play solo, as a duo, or as a team!

Even though Fall guys induces a lot of rage within the people playing it, the overall gameplay is quite simple. There are only three movements that you can do: jump, dive, and grab. The last one can be problematic as there will be people trying to knock you down and push you to death. Who would have thought that such an easy-going game could bring the worst out of people? Reminds me a bit of Squid games!

Free to play now on Epic games!

On the 21st of June, Epic games made Fall guys free to play. This was certainly a great choice as there has been a major spark in popularity since then. A lot of big creators like the Sidemen are playing it, people are streaming it and everyone’s just having a great time. Even with its sociopathic competitiveness, Fall guys was just the right game that came out at the right time. During lockdown, it was perfect in bringing people together and making them forget about their worries. Hopefully, because the game is free, we won’t see a big spike in hackers. Although, I really don’t know who would hack in Fall guys.

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