A homepage is the face of the website as a whole.

If you treat your homepage exactly the way you treat your face, then you will be surprised by the website engagement. Taking a look at something for the very first time brings a lot of impressions. Thus, your homepage must be catchy and speak on your behalf.

An attractive homepage has this unique way of shouting “there is more for you from where this came from” to your visitors. Whereas, a homepage with a shabby look is the other way round.

Three major reasons why your Homepage is so important

Your homepage is the most important page on your site, it needs detailed attention to do what it was meant for. Here are the basic reasons why you should give it that special attention.

  • The homepage is the search engines primary focus
  • The homepage is an orientation page
  • It showcases the bright idea of the site owner

Right here in this article, I will be sharing some tips that can help you build a sunfire homepage like PriceMama that will not only attract more visits but bring back your visitors because they will feel your website has all they are have been looking for.

Select the best pictures with high quality

Pictures illustrate what you want your visitors to grab within a second far more than a million words article will do. Therefore, you need to get it right to create that mind-blowing homepage that you want. High-resolution images will do you a whole lot of good and also give out the feeling that there are still more beautiful things to see on your website. With millions of high-resolution pictures out there, it might be a big task to pick the perfect one.

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An interactive homepage keeps your visitors

Developing your homepage in such a way that makes it interactive keeps your visitors coming back. Therefore, you can include interactive content like video or quiz on your homepage to help carry them along. In doing so, they won’t feel left out and it will help increase the anxiety to want to learn more about what your website has to offer.

Although, you shouldn’t bore you visitors with long interactions. Keep it short and simple.

Guide your visitors to the right direction

Conversion optimization is one major factor that determines how productive your CTA (Call to Action) will be. It is not compulsory for your homepage to have so many buttons. Just one or two is perfect as long as it is well optimized. Those buttons on your website or CTA is the passage to all other information that you want your visitors to access on your website. Therefore, you must make them mouth-watering and tempting.

Finally, using long words will do your homepage no good. Keep the words of your CTA as short and clear as possible.

Keep your colours in check

The colour scheme of your background is very important and it is also a criterion that determines how visitors analyze your professionalism. A bad mixture of colours won’t speak good about your homepage. Thus, you must consider the colour of the background and that of your scheme and make sure they work hand in hand.

If you have no idea of how this is done, you can  visit WebAlive to see good examples sites that are beautiful and catchy.

We believe with these tips, you should be able to improve or create a breathtaking homepage that will increase visitor engagements.

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CoinFractal - The Latest Crypto Market News & Insights
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