TOP 5 – Reasons to Build a Gaming PC

Top 5 reasons why you should consider building your next PC gaming rig instead of buying from amazon or walmart.


DIY (Do it Yourself) Kits are easy to find, online or at local hobby shops. Tutorials for beginners are all over the internet, guides and wikis to troubleshoot as well. The DIY Kits are usually list of parts that you buy all together, the box(es) show up, and you get to bring your personal gaming machine to life.


When you buy a CyberPower PC from walmart and turn it on and it doesn’t work, what do you do? Run to google, and step by step try to DOS or safe mode boot.The benefit of DIY is you have a better chance of knowing the problem “maybe I didn’t seat my RAM in all the way because I didn’t hear it click.” Think of it this way; would you trust someone to build you a paper airplane and have it fly?


Like I said before, you are the master of your gaming PCs destiny. You want to make your system liquid cooling instead of having 4 fans, go for it. You want to add an SSD or an SD memory card reader, the choice is yours. Bottom line depending on the motherboard you purchase, the PC becomes adaptable and customizable. This leads to some unique looks that will have your friends and family in awe.


Skeptics will be nay-sayers to this point, but having built gaming-type systems for personal use, other people, or editing systems for companies; I’ll tell you, it won’t break the bank.When you search for complete gaming desktops with mouse and keyboard included your price ranges already vary. $550 to $3000, what you want to focus on is: What do you want the PC to do? Play games, video editing, surf the web, or be a paperweight; you have options. DIY  give bundles give you  the ability to choose which parts go in your build, rather than shopping prices and sacrificing abilities for your rig.


Unlike gaming consoles, DIY gaming PCs offer the ability for later date upgrades and customization. I got into building gaming PCs in college for the concept that every generation of gaming consoles coming out I was paying around $400 to stay current. When I built my first gaming PC in 2012 I spent $800 (Arma 2 on Ultra kinda specs), since then every couple years a GPU here, a CPU there keeps me in the gaming loop to play and stream at comfortable FPS’s. My point is, the overall investment seems steep but when you look at buying a PS4 Pro and a 4K TV, just to benefit the new hardware/software in Sony’s lineup. Then to buy another system for $400 in 2020 when the PS5 comes out, you lose me, when all I have to do is buy a secondhand AMD Radeon VII for $200 to stay in the game.

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