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The Fifth Ark is an imaginative stew of different genres created by YOUZU - where players are sent on a mission to restore order to what's left of a post apocalypse world

The mobile segment of the gaming market has continued to bring out some of the most adventurous ideas in this space and, The Fifth Ark is one such instance. Developed for Android and IOS devices, The Fifth Ark is an imaginative stew of different genres created by YOUZU – where players are sent on a mission to restore order to what’s left of a post apocalypse world.

The game is mainly an action shoot ’em up that took a lot of pointers from the world of RPGs and MOBAs. It also comes with a number playing like, a co-op and, a player-vs-player mode, and is made available in multiple languages.

The Storyline

In the aftermath of an abrupt zombie outbreak that brought civilization to the brink of extinction, an elite team of heroes – led by you of course – are tasked with ridding the world of zombie hoards and reigning in the scores of lawless survivors.

While cutting down wave after wave of zombie and anything else that’s been infected with upgradeable weapons, The Ark is also on a mission to get to the bottom of this deadly outbreak – collecting clues along the way.

The Gameplay

Naturally, you start off the game controlling one of the heroes – who goes by the name Carter, and has to earn in-game currency to acquire more characters to their team using the game’s gacha system.

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Moving from area to area, with the action following a top-down style of play, players will first have to clear the first district of the game solo before being opened up to the bottom of recruiting other heroes. To make life a little easier, players can make use of special abilities like, a charged shot, or a grenade. In much the same way as a MOBA or RPG, each special ability in this game has a set recharging period after use.

Another interesting feature of this game is base-building, but this is purely on an optional basis – and it has some benefits to it. By adding upgrades to your base, you gain extra resources and even have the option of stationing personnel at different posts to do work for you.

As for the different playing modes, this game doesn’t leave players wanting. When you get bored of the campaign, players can indulge themselves and their friends to co-op challenges or player-v-player matches. There is also a deathmatch mode (which is somewhat different from the usual) and a mode named Dominion – where racking up points is the name of the game.

Final thoughts

The Fifth Ark is a game with a lot of potential, with action that is intense enough to keep players sufficiently entertained – the number of intriguing playing modes add to this effect, particularly in terms of the Player-v-Player action. Those who try it may come to find it hard to avoid logging in to check up on base building progress, or stealing a quick round during work breaks. This is a game with tons of playability.

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