The Benefits of Having an Office Relaxation Space

The times are changing rapidly and the way we work today is completely different from the way our grandparents and parents used to work. Today it’s completely natural for your supervisors to ask you to think outside the box, but more importantly, they also try to think outside the box when it comes to work conditions, space, and hours. The way our offices look has also changed and pretty much every workspace has a relaxation space. The reasons for this are many, and we’ve put together a few:

Relieves stress

We all know how stressful a day in the office can be, which is why it’s a good idea to offer employees a chance to relax in a nice and quiet space away from their computers and desks. Sometimes the relaxation room can be big enough for a couple of people to sit down with a cup of coffee, or it can be secluded enough for others to take out their yoga mats and go a quick session. A place where you can sit in silence and practise mindfulness will help improve concentration and relieve stress. There are even some companies that offer their employees a chance to have a massage or jump in a swimming pool if they feel the need to relax.

Connects people

Allowing people to interact and connect with each other in a casual atmosphere and in a pleasant environment will improve the overall atmosphere in the workplace. In addition to this, it will also make it easy for people from different departments to interact with each other and exchange ideas on ‘neutral grounds’. When you have a space where you can eat lunch with each other but which also doubles as a perfect place for casual Fridays and hosting birthday celebrations and celebrating important milestones in the company’s life, it will give the opportunity for employees to form effective relationships with their coworkers.

Boosts productivity

It’s a proven fact that you will perform better and have better results at work if you’re content with your working conditions. Sometimes it’s the little things that count: real matcha green tea with organic honey, freshly brewed coffee from Lavazza workplace coffee machines, fresh fruit for a healthy snack, bottled flavored water and vegan snacks; but at other times it’s not what you can eat or drink, but rather what you can do in the room. Game rooms, nap rooms, and massage rooms allow people to step away when they feel overwhelmed and to come back to work feeling refreshed. All of these things help people retain focus and improve their productivity.

Improves creativity

Every now and then employees have the need to disconnect from their overwhelming work and crave certain changes in their work environment. When you are allowed to make these changes by literally changing the scenery they’re in, you feel your creative juices flowing. Relaxations pace should really stand out from the rest of the work environment and offices to achieve this effect. Walls covered with colourful wallpapers and fun posters, plenty of potted plants and bean bags, music, comics, books, and perhaps even a massage chair… All of these things will help people find inspiration and take a breather.

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Helps people relax

We have implied this several times already but we feel the need to state it explicitly – there is nothing better than having a place close to your office where you can just relax. Sometimes you don’t need distractions in form of music and arcade games, but rather a short trip to the spa on your lunch hour. A place with mood lighting where you can hear the sound of ocean waves, seagulls, frogs, and the wind blowing through the tree branches will be enough to help almost anyone relax. Sometimes all you need is a short nap and you’ll be good to work on the next part of the big project that’s been occupying you for so long.

Encourages teamwork

When you spend time in good company, you feel like you don’t have a care in the world. Being able to unwind and relax is great, but chatting and laughing with coworkers is also beneficial for employees’ mental health. You can’t do this in the office or you’ll interrupt others, but when you step away from your office and into the relaxation space and you see your friends and coworkers casually chatting about movies and music, you can end up not only having lots of fun but also forming strong bonds and deepening relationships you have with each other.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the business world, if you’re focusing on your new startup or you already have a big and successful company to your name, workplace culture should always be among your top priorities. This is the space your team will come together and where they’ll spend long hours working on important projects, so it’s only natural that they want the space to keep them happy and motivated. When you have a space for relaxation within the space where you work, you’ll be more productive.

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