The Future of Mobile Apps with Artificial Intelligence

Smartphones will turn smarter when they will do everything just via users’ voice command.

This is an intelligent feature which has been missing in apps, but now the technology of artificial intelligence & machine learning has been simplified to a level as it can be integrated into an app, and understand and response to voice commands provided by users.

Now apps would bridge gaps between men and machines. It’s a new trend and, it’s about making smartphones and apps intelligent by use of advanced technologies. It will also continue to grow in coming years. Gartner has predicted that many large companies in the world will incorporate some level of AI within the next few years.

Siri, the apple’s voice assistant app for iPhone, for example is nowadays a pretty good example for tech companies concentrating more on making smart mobility smarter. Siri had quite basic functionalities in the beginning. Many experts said it as more flash than substance, but apple had a really good start of AI the voice assistance and drawn the attention of others in this area. Today we have far more intelligent voice assistants like also Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s home.

Today, Siri doesn’t hold the crown anymore as with passing time, it has aged too. But companies like Amazon and Google are doing pretty good innovations in the area of voice-enabled smart assistants.

Amazon’s Alexa enabled echo, a voice-command speaker, for example, took the whole tech world by storm. It can interact and even control several things just through the commands uttered by a user. On asking it can play music, make to-do lists, set alarms, stream podcast and even play audio book. It can even provide real time information such as reporting about weather, sport scores, and traffics. The device can also be used in a variety of home automation applications.

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Going a step further, Amazon has opened Alexa for outside developers by offering Alexa skill kit and Alexa voice services for free. Developer can build new feature for Alexa-devices.

Google, another tech titan, too has its focus on developing a smarter and more intelligent form of mobility. It’s Google assistant, a virtual voice-enable assistant comes integrated into android OS. It simply means that latest android devices already have capability to have smart features powered by AI. The company also allows developers to contribute latest features to its engine and make the system further smarter.

Google has also launched its voice assistant speaker dubbed as Google home as the counterpart of Amazon’s echo. This device too can play music, set alarm and provide real time information on weather, traffic and sport just like Amazon’s Alexa powered device does. Experts have found that Google home has delivered better results than Amazon’s Alexa in several cases. It has the ability to answer more complex question like Amazon’s echo does understand the context of follow up question, Google home, powered by Google assistant, does this.

In the first 9 month of 2016, Amazon sold more than 2 million echo devices and showed that people are quite interested about the smart mobility. The verge’s recent article says the Amazon has 100 million Alexa devices according to the company.

Google assistant, on the other hand, was already available on 500 million devices back at i/o 2018.

These smart AI-enabled voice assistant technologies will make an app more productive. Users will no longer require tapping in an app to explore its menu and its offerings. They can use voice command and get things done.

Author Bio. :- Sofia Coppola is the technical writer of Rapidsoft technologies, a prominent mobile app development company which provides Android and iPhone app development services across the globe. She loves to write othe n latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startu, sand enterprises.

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