Surprise! Batman Is About To Be A Father

The news was first teased by veteran Batman/Catwoman comic writer, Tom King, in a tweeted image depicting the two oddly-matched lovers

Batman and Catwoman are expecting. In an upcoming DC comic series, the couple – who’s tumultuous romance is well documented – find that Catwoman has a bun in the oven, and the Wayne empire has a new heir. Rounding off one of comic book lore’s longest running love affairs.

The news was first teased by veteran Batman/Catwoman comic writer, Tom King, in a tweeted image depicting the two oddly-matched lovers – one is a crime fighter, and the other is a criminal – standing on a gargoyle while holding each other in a warm embrace. It was later revealed, that the Catwoman is pregnant.

The tweet was the harbinger of a new comic series, spinning off from an 85 issue run, Batman series. In the new book, King and fellow artist Clay Mann explore the couple’s five decade long fling on a deeper level than ever before, featuring more tender moments between the Bat and Catwoman, also known as Selina Kyle.

Catwoman, after finding that she’s pregnant, has a harder time accepting the new reality than her partner Batman does. He seems thrilled at the news, and immediately switches to doting father mode. Catwoman goes through a denial phase, while the father of her unborn child displays an uncharacteristic degree of concern.

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The surprise pregnancy is meant to be the culmination of a 50 year long, on-again-off-again romance that has seen its fair share of rough patches. What better way than to have the two move on to a more committed position in their relationship? We always thought it would end with one of them dead.

The two have had the hots for each other since 1940, with the release of the first Batman comic, Batman No.1, where the attraction between the two is immediately obvious. A 1977 Comic, DC Super-Stars No. 17, depicts an alternate reality where the Cat – as she was originally called – gives up her life of crime, marries Bruce Wayne, and goes on to have a daughter named Helena. It is not yet clear if this narrative will be revisited by King and Mann, as they’ve kind of led with the bun.

The relationship has not been without its rocky moments, as Catwoman once – in a fit of jealous rage – tried to slash the Bat’s thoat. Over the years, the two have switched roles, become pirate king and queen, broken up, comforted and mourned each other.

In the new series -as the few pages that have been released suggest – the Bat and Cat, are presented with the very unconventional challenge of being a parent with a secret identity. These are two people, who are set in their ways, having to deal with a reality neither had planned for. Catwoman even sarcastically jokes about becoming a housecat.

Mann will be doing all the drawing for the new series, as he has done with many other Batman/Catwoman titles. The comic’s release has been delayed, due to the creative forces behind the work wanting to deliver a stand-alone Dark Knight Returns-like narrative. While the series is set for release sometime later in the year, fans are offered a glimpse of the new narrative in a short story featured in Catwoman 80th Anniversary commemorative release.

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