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Speed up your Android device

These simple tips will help you increase your mobile performance.

Google Keyboard Lag

Ever since Google updated their Google Keyboard, and transformed it into a Gboard app, users have started complaining about the slower performance of their favourite devices. This has happened to some users that have multi-languages installed on the device, altough it has been reported -in some cases- to be also the problem with the device with one language.

Disable ‘Suggest Contacts’ & ‘Personalized Suggestions’

To increase performance of your device once again, you need to disable few things. Head out to Gboard’s main settings menu. You can do so by tapping Settings > Language & Input > Current Keyboard >, then selecting the Gboard entry.

From here, head to the “Text correction” sub-menu, then disable both “Suggest contact names” and “Personalized suggestions.” Once you’ve done that, you should immediately notice that Gboard’s word suggestions and auto-correct features are just as fast as they were before the update.

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Of course, disabling these two features does reduce functionality, but it’s relatively minor.





Clear your Cached Data

Every day, applications you’re using store a little pieces of data on your phone, and over time, those little pieces pile up. If your device is low on storage, this could be a problem as your apps always need a some free space in order to run properly.
Here is how you can delete cached data.

Go to Settings > Storage > Cached Data

Your apps are constantly caching small pieces of data, which typically will speed up the performance of your phone. But if your device is running low on storage, cached data will start hurting more than it helps. Here’s how to clear it :

Remove/Disable Bloatware and Unused Apps

When you purchase a new mobile device, it comes with a bunch of pre-installed apps already. Some of them have gone completely unused. Even more likely, from the day you’ve purchased it untill now, you’ve added some unused apps of your own that are taking up precious space on your phone. Here’s how to free up space by deleting old apps.

Head out to Settings > Apps > Then from the list uninstall then tap Uninstall. Repeat this process untill you are satisfied with results.

Speed up web browsing

Data Saver mode in Chrome for Android allows Google to compress the pages you are viewing by around 30 percent and up to 50 percent for video, meaning less data usage and faster browsing.  As an added bonus, it will save you some data if you aren’t on an unlimited mobile phone plan.

To enable Data saver simply go to :

Navigate to Chrome Browser > Menu > Settings > Data Saver > Toggle the switch in the upper-right corner.

I hope this simple tips will help you in increasing performance of your mobile device. If it isn’t helping, you can always try a factory reset.

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