All Valorant Agents Summarised

Valorant agents have the most unique powers, here they are listed:

Valorant is the most played FPS (first-person shooter) game in 2023. It has steadily maintained the top spot amongst shooter games since its release. Their consistent updates allow them to stay atop other games. Valorant has an apparent schedule of updates and follows a clear plot line while introducing new characters and skins. We list all the agents in this article and summarise their abilities.


valorant agents

One of the five original Valorant agents, Brimstone is an American controller. A controller is generally used to set up smokes for the team and provide cover. Brimstone is a popular choice among smokers because he can use up to three smoke clouds from his ability: “Sky Smoke”. He has two additional supporting utilities: “Incendiary” (which is a Molotov) and “Stim Beacon” (which is a beacon that grants players extra speed, faster fire rate, and faster reload). His ultimate power (a power that can be used once in a while after obtaining a certain number of Ult Points through combat or picking them up) is called “Orbital Strike”. Orbital Strike is a massive laser beam that shoots down from the sky, harming everyone inside and obscuring vision.


valorant agents

Sova is the initiator of the original five. An initiator does what the name suggests- they initiate attacks on site and are used to locate enemies. Sova is a Russian archer with an essential ability named “Recon Bolt”. Recon Bolts send waves in all directions around themselves, marking every enemy hit by them. He also has the “Owl Drone”, a drone he can control and use to tag enemies. His other utility is a “Shock Bolt” that spawns an orb of electricity wherever it lands, dealing some damage. His Ultimate, “Hunter’s Fury”, is a massive bow that shoots a laser beam through walls that can reach far distances. He can shoot three beams with one usage. Each beam deals 80 damage, meaning two shots can kill a fully armored enemy.

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valorant agents

Sage is the sentinel of the original five agents. A sentinel primarily focuses on holding down sites and preventing enemy flank plays. Sage’s primary ability, “Healing Orb”, is a heal that completely heals any allies back to 100 health. However, she can only heal herself by 30 health. Her other two abilities are “Barrier Orb” (A wall that has 800 health) and “Slow Orb” (An orb that spawns in ice on the floor it hits that slows down anyone on it).


Phoenix is British and is one of the two original duelists in Valorant. A duelist’s role is to take the front lines in fights and get the most kills. Phoenix’s primary ability is his Molotov named “Hot Hands”. He can use Hot Hands to molly enemies or to heal himself. Another ability of his is “Blaze”, a wall that blocks vision and burns anyone that touches it. He can use his wall to heal himself as well. His last utility is “Curveball”, a flash that he can throw to the left or right, blinding any players looking in its direction.


Jett is the other Duelist in the original five. She comes from South Korea, and her abilities are movement oriented. Her “Tailwind” lets her dash in whichever direction she is moving. “Updraft” is another one of her movement abilities. Updraft allows her to launch up into the sky. Her last ability is called “Cloudburst”, a ball of smoke that lasts five seconds. Jett’s Ultimate, “Blade Storm”, lets her equip five super accurate knives. If Jett kills an enemy by throwing individual knives, she recharges all five knives. Right-clicking will throw all five at once. However, a right-click kill will not recharge her ability.


Viper is an American Chemist. She plays the role of controller. Her signature ability- “Toxic Screen”, is a long wall of toxic cloud that obstructs vision and poisons enemies who touch it. The other two abilities are “Snake Bite” (a poisonous Molly that deals fast damage as well as making them vulnerable) and “Poison Cloud”, Which is a ball of toxic cloud that temporarily decreases the health of enemies inside. Her Ultimate is an enlarged version of her Poison Cloud. She releases a large poisonous cloud that can sometimes encase an entire site. Enemies’ health who are in it will lose all but one HP.


Omen is the only agent whose identity is unknown. He is a mysterious controller. His primary ability- “Dark Cover,” provides a ball of shadow to obscure vision. Omen’s “Shrouded Step” enables him to teleport anywhere in a small area around himself. His “Paranoia” is a unique blinding ability that goes through walls and inflicts near-sightedness on anyone hit. “From the Shadows” is his Ultimate ability; it lets him teleport anywhere onto the map. He can cancel the teleportation once using it. Enemies can also force Omen to cancel his Ultimate by killing his shadow before he fully teleports.


Killjoy, a German mechanical genius, is one of the most popular sentinels. Her abilities are all things she designed herself. “Turret” is her signature ability. It spawns a small sentry gun that automatically shoots any enemies it sees. Killjoy has a Molly ability, “Nanoswarm”, which she can throw without activating. She can remotely activate her Nanoswarm from anywhere on the map. Her last ability is “Alarm Bot”, which alerts her whenever a player steps near it. Killjoy’s Ultimate ability is what makes her so popular. “Lockdown” spawns a semi-sphere bubble that covers an entire site. After placing it down, enemies have 13 seconds to get out of the area. If they’re caught inside after windup time, they become detained.


Cypher is a Sentinel. Hailing from Morocco, he is a very useful agent for gathering information and defense. His signature ability- “Spycam”, is a camera he places on walls that he can remotely access and use to shoot enemies with a tracking dart. Cypher’s “Tripwire” is a digital wire spanning two vertical surfaces. Cypher gets notified whenever it gets broken or whenever someone passes it. His last normal ability is “Cyber Cage”: once it’s thrown, he can activate it to provide a visual cover.


Reyna is Duelist hailing from Mexico. Her primary abilities are “Devour” and “Dismiss”, which she can only use after killing or assisting in killing an enemy. Reyna can either heal from the kill (Devour) or turn invisible and invincible for a few seconds using the soul (Dismiss). Her other ability is “Leer”, an eye that she can place through walls. It near-sights enemies in front of it. Her Ultimate is “Empress”, which increases her fire rate and reload speed. While using her Ultimate, she automatically heals after every kill without using the ability.


Raze is a Brazilian Duelist. Her Signature Ability- “Paint Shells” Is a grenade that spews out five smaller grenades upon detonation. “Paint Shells” automatically recharges upon killing two enemies in one round. She also has a “Boom Bot”, a robot that travels on a straight path and bounces off walls. Once sighting an enemy, it will track them and explode once close enough. Raze also has two “Blast Packs”; she uses these to bounce high into the air and can stack both uses to gain extra height. Her Ultimate ability: “Showstopper” is a giant paint bazooka that kills anyone in its explosion radius.


Hailing from Sweden, Breach is a bionic initiator. His primary ability, “Fault Line”, causes a long striped quake that concusses enemies. Breach also has a flash ability called “Flashpoint”, which he can use to flash people behind objects/walls. His last ability is “After Shock”, which shoots three beams of energy through walls, each tick dealing 60 damage. His Ultimate is an enlarged version of his “Fault Line” ability. It sends a large quake that can cover an entire site. Players caught in it are knocked into the air and get concussed.


Skye is an initiator from Australia. She is most useful at gathering intel and supporting the team. Her signature ability- “Guiding Light”, is a bird that follows the player’s cursor after use. Pressing the equip button again will cause the bird to explode, blinding anyone in front of it. Her “Regrowth” ability heals teammates in a radius around her. It can heal 100 HP. Her last ability is called “Trailblazer”, a small Tasmanian tiger figure she can remotely control after use and bite enemies to concuss them and deal 30 damage. Her Ultimate: “Seekers” spawns in three floating plants that seek enemies and blind if not killed.


Yoru is a duelist who hails from Japan. His main ability- “Gatecrash”, is a tether that he can right-click to place or left-click to send forward. Upon pressing the equip button again, he teleports to the tether instantly. His other abilities are “Fakeout” (a fake clone that blinds enemies once damaged) and “Blindside” (a flash ability that flashes everyone after bouncing on a surface once). His Ultimate ability: “Dimensional Drift”, lets him become invisible to enemies for 12 seconds. While invisible, Yoru can still use his abilities. To come out of the Ultimate early, you can press the equip button again.


Astra is a Ghanaian controller. Her signature ability is “Stars”, which must be pre-placed on the map in her Astral Form. Once placed, she can use these stars during rounds to either smoke, pull in enemies, or damage players near it. Her Ultimate ability, “Cosmic Divide”, places an infinitely high purple wall that spans the entire map. Cosmic Divide’s wall blocks bullets, but players can walk through.


Kay/o is a unique initiator. We do not know much about him except that he comes from a future timeline. His main ability, “Zero/point”, is a throwing knife that detects and suppresses any enemies in its radius. His “Frag/ment” is a normal Molly ability. He also has a flash ability called “Flash/drive”. His Ultimate- “NULL/cmd” sends waves of suppression from Kay/o. He also gains a battle stim effect while using his Ultimate. If he dies after activating his Ultimate ability, a teammate can revive him. Enemies can prevent this by shooting his downed body.


Chamber is a French sentinel. His main ability is “Rendezvous”, a box he places which he can use to teleport back. The other two abilities are “Trademark” (a camera on the floor that slows down enemies which get located by it) and “Headhunter” (a Deagle-like gun he can purchase bullets for at the beginning of each round). His Ultimate: “Tour De Force” is a sniper rifle that kills players in one shot. Chamber gets five rounds of ammunition along with the sniper rifle.


Neon is a duelist hailing from the Philippines. Her main attribute is her speed which lets her run faster than all other agents. Her primary ability is “High Gear”, which she can use to speed up. However, she cannot shoot while running using “High Gear”. Her other abilities are “Fast Lane” (a pair of blue walls that block players’ vision) and “Relay Bolt” (two bolts that she shoots that concuss anyone who gets hit). Her Ultimate- “Overdrive”, lets her shoot a powerful laser beam from her finger. Neon can use her Ultimate until her “High Gear” runs out.


Fade is a Turkish initiator. She is best for gathering intel on enemies. Her signature ability is “Haunt”, an eye that locates and marks any enemies in its radius. The other two abilities are “Prowler” (a floating mouth that sights enemies that it bites) and “Seize” (a ball that places a radius of which enemies cannot leave if trapped inside. Players also get deafened when inside the “Seize” radius. Fade’s Ultimate power is “Night Fall”, a pulse of darkness that goes through walls. Any enemy caught in it will get marked as well as deafened.


Hailing from India, Harbor is the latest controller in Valorant. All his powers are water-based. His signature ability is “High Tide”, a tall and long wall that blocks vision and slows anyone who passes through it. He also has “Cove”, a small bubble that absorbs 500 damage. His final normal ability is “Cascade”, a medium-sized water wall that pushes forward. “Cascade” can be stopped by pressing the same equip button. Harbor’s Ultimate Ability is “Reckoning”, a large circle on the floor that locates and concusses any players standing in the radius.

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