Seven Deadly Sins; Here’s Why You Might Want to Watch It

Set in a world not too dissimilar to Europe during the middle ages, The Seven Deadly Sins anime is derived from a fantasy manga of the same name. Apart from the stand-out name, there are a number of reasons why you might want to watch it. There is something charming about a group of disbanded magical knights fighting to clear their names.

The main plot of Seven Deadly Sins

As it stands, the series plays out over five seasons and there are two films.  So, there’s a lot of content for those who are interested in what has become one of the most popular anime series on Netflix. The story follows the life of Meliodas. He is the leader of a group of disavowed knights known for being framed for trying to plot a coup.

Known as The Seven Deadly Sins, our band of heroes is on a mission to liberate the kingdom of Liones from The Holy Knights. The knights are adversaries who started a rebellion and framed them in order to seize control of the kingdom of Britannia.

What are The Seven Deadly Sins?

Each one of the Deadly Sins carries a beast marking with a name that is symbolic of the crimes they were convicted of. However, they once dominated the kingdom of Brittania as the most powerful unit of the Holy Knights.

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Characters and their sins

The main character Meliodas – bears the sin of wrath and is marked with a dragon.

Diane is marked by a serpent and carries its sin of envy. Then there’s Ban, who is marked by a Fox and carries the sin of greed. King carries the Grizzly’s sin of sloth while Gowther bares the goat’s sin of lust. Merlin, the most powerful mage in the kingdom, carries the Boar’s sin of gluttony. Lastly, Escanor bears Lion’s sin of pride.

Being that The Seven Deadly Sins is a series where the magic takes center stage, it should not be surprising that many of the characters in the series are in fact millennia old. Take Meliodas as an example; though he may not look the part, he has been alive for more than 3000 years.

As for the ages of the other Deadly Sins, Diane is far younger than Meliodas at 750 years. Ban has a more relatable age of 34. Gowther and King have also been alive for very long for over thousands of years. It is expected that a grand mage like Merlin will have many years behind him. That is exactly what we get here as he is also well experienced at 3000+ years old.


As noted above, The Seven Deadly Sins manga has been around for a while and as a result, has branched out to many films apart from the already numerous episodes. So it might be a good idea for viewers who are new to the series to get acquainted with it in chronological order, picking out a random episode may only result in confusion.


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